Sunday, June 15, 2014

Okuya Naga at the Piazza

Okuya Naga at the Piazza 
Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

 It was one of those rare weekend the 
we found a vacant parking space in
the busy and famous Magsaysay Strip,

 …and we immediately
headed to the Piazza, 

 …and contemplated on where to dine,
as the lifestyle center is home several 
wonderful and popular restaurants.

Everyone wanted to eat light that 
night so we decided to dine on
healthy Japanese dishes in Okuya

 Okuya is a popular Japanese
restaurant in Manila but most of 
them are mall food court based.

It’s a good thing that they built a full 
restaurant for their Naga City branch,

…so people could dine 
in a fine dining comfort.

We are all addicted to Sashimi 
so  we ordered one each of 
Kani, Tuna and Salmon which  
we gobbled up fast and swift.


 They then served the delicious  and perfectly
 fried Shrimp   Tempura, and just like 
the Sashimi,  we gobbled them up in a jiffy.


 For the main meal, my wife and son
ordered Chicken Teriyaki served in 
a Bento Box of with a choice either 
Tofu or Bean Sprouts as a side dish.

 The Bento Box meal was
served with a Miso Soup.


 My daughter enjoyed a
huge bowl of Beef Ramen ,


 while I had a massive serving
of yummy original Yaki Udon.


 While we initially intended to eat light,
the Japanese dishes served were just
so delicious that left us craving for more,


 So we ordered additional two
servings Salmon Sashimi, as
they ran out of Tuna Sashimi,


 …and a serving of our all  
time  favorite California Maki.

Okuya is one Japanese Restaurant  where
 one can splurge and satisfy an eating binge,

... without spending too much as the 
food is delicious and  affordable.


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