Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mongkok Daet: Glorious Chinese Cuisine

Mongkok, Glorious Chinese Cuisine 
Daet, Camarines Norte

 I was again invited for a talk on a medical round table 
forum for the Camarines Norte Medical Society .

 This is the third time that I had a talk in a year with this 
wonderful group of doctors, which in my experience,
have  always  been a great and interactive audience.

 I always look forward to in coming to   this  progressive town
 as I always discover  a  new culinary treasure in every visit.

 It was on my fist speaking engagement  that I had the chance to enjoy one of the 
best seafood restaurants in the region,  Catherine’s Restaurant in Bagasbas.

 Just a few months ago, I had another  lecture in TerraceGrill located at the
 town center and discovered one  of the best tasting Caldereta in the region.

 This time, it is in Mongkok Daet.


It is a popular   Manila based Chinese restaurant and 
it is  the one and only branch in the Bicol Region.

 The first floor was a restaurant,

 …and there is a small function room in the 
 second floor where I would have a talk.

 It was decorated with several  
beautiful Chinese artworks.

 To describe the food in Mongkok 
as delicious is an understatement. 
Everything was very, very delicious to an infinite  
degree if there is such a superlative description.

 From the exotic Birds’s Nest Soup,

 the addicting assorted Dimsum Platter,

 …the flavorful Crispy Noodles topped with 
fresh vegetables, mushrooms and shrimps,

 … the succulent Soya Fish Fillet,

 …the divine Lemon Chicken,

 …the tangy Schezuan Pork,

 …and the healthy but tasty 
Brocolli Topped with Shirmps.

 There was just too much food on the table,  
and I was speaking on a  post lunch round 
table symposium, that I thought my audience 
would fall asleep during my lecture.

 Thankfully, the delicious and healthy 
Mongkok dishes may have fueled everyone's 
brain cells for full alertness and attention.

 I can’t wait to have another 
speaking engagement in Daet.


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed Joan. Most delicious Chinese dishes in Bicol. For Mongkok alone, it is worth visiting Daet over and over again.