Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloweens, Baby Showers, Long Exams and Sem Breaks

Halloweens, Baby Showers,   
Long Exams and Sem Breaks.

The kids had just complete their long examinations and
it was the last day of school before the semestral break began.

My son’s kindly teacher will go on a maternity leave
 to deliver her baby and would be back after on December, 
 so we commissioned Cake My Day to bake
 a send off cake for Teacher Sean-


…and as usual, Cake My Day 
did not disappoint,

...and baked a beautiful  cake 
in the shape of a full term  pregnant torso
  dressed in pretty pink clothes with 
  dainty red ribbon both symbolizing 
the Baby Girl  that she was expecting.

The kids were also asked to bring their 
Halloween costumes  as they would be having
 a mini-  Halloween party  in the classroom
 and my son Timothy dressed up like a fireman.


We bought my son’s costume a long time ago
 at the Boston Children’s Museum   when we visited 
 Massachusetts when he was two years old,
and never got to wear it as it was too big for him.


He was finally able to wear it after six years 
and he liked it very much as it was so realistic
 and came with complete Fireman’s paraphernalia,

…an axe,

…a walkie talkie,

…a portable fire extinguisher,

…and believe it or not- 
an authentic looking water hose.


My wife bought some Halloween goodies from   
SM City Naga Department Store for the kids 
\that included chocolate filled loot bags,

…and  Spider  Halloween rings that changes color,


…which excited the kids to no end after Timothy 
with the help of his older sister Nicole and Teacher Ten
 distributed  the  Halloween presents to his classmates.

The kids also had a good time
 playing games and dancing,

…and filling their tummies 
with spaghetti and hotdogs.


…and in the end, some were given certificates 
for having the best Halloween costumes,

…Timothy was one of them
and got a certificate -

...and proudly shows it to everyone.

Happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Adobo Pork Ribs by Gerry’s Grill

 Adobo Pork Ribs by Gerry’s Grill 

Gerry’s Grill is one of our favorite restaurants
 in Naga City  as it offers great tasting
 but affordable  grilled Pinoy dishes.

We had a chance to dine at the restaurant
again last weekend and enjoyed most of
its regular but wonderful fares.

I have blogged about this restaurant
…so this blog is not about the restaurant but about
 a particular dish that we tremendously enjoyed-
 the  Adobo Pork Ribs.

While most of our local adobo versions had
bite size pork  swimming in a mushy pool of oil and lard
on a  yucky looking- soya based dark colored sauce,

…this unique version of the iconic Pinoy dish
uses a chunk of pork ribs marinated in adobo sauce
and baked to perfection with  the tenderness
that melts in your mouth sans the oily base
but just as delicious and addicting.

Unlike most Asian Cuisines that had already
gained worldwide acceptance and recognition,
popular Filipino dishes have been most of the time
snubbed and disliked by international food connoisseurs
as they are either too salty or too oily or too sweet.

 This version of adobo may be our best bet
for our dishes to be globally palatable.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ChicBoy Naga: Superb Lechon Baboy

ChicBoy Naga 
Superb Lechon Baboy

We shopped at Robinson’s Supermarket
at E- Mall as the crowd in SM City Naga 
was intolerable as they were having a 3- day sale.

The mall was also very, very crowded
as well and we didn’t find a place to dine-

…so we walked across the road and found
ourselves in ChickBoy Naga.

We have dined in this restaurant several times
but I did not have the interest to blog about it- 

…as it was always full of diners and I avoid taking
photos in a very crowded and busy restaurant.

They initially served us a clear soup broth
for free and surprisingly- it was very tasty.
It has a pronounced, rich flavor of onion with
a hint of celery and just the right amount of salt. 

The Sinigang na Salmon was a disappointment.
The soup was extremely sour and acerbic,
and the fish still had fins and scales on it.     
You also get the sensation of a ramish or should I say
 a fishy aftertaste at the back of your mouth.

My son satisfied himself with the all day breakfast
by ordering their delicious Longsilog. One good
thing about this Chick Boy Longaniza as it had
firm sausages and just have enough amount of sugar
that did not caramelize and made it taste like a meat candy
just like most of longaniza versions in the country.

My daughter enjoyed the Lechon Manok Cebu
as it had the pleasant tangy aftertaste of lemongrass.

My wife ordered her all time favorite of Inihaw na Liempo
and this grilled pork belly tasted naturally delicious
as it was not the sweetened version  as what other
inihaw versions  are in most Pinoy restaurants.

While I satisfied myself on a huge piece of Chicken Inasal,
the best tasting among its competitors in the market as it is
not as salty but tastier and one would  never need  any
additional condiments or dips to enjoy the flavorful chicken.

Of course, no meal is complete in ChickBoy without 
their popular Lechon Liempo Cebu. It is juicy, crispy 
and so tasty that even the fatty parts of the lechon are
 edible and could be eaten even without the lechon sauce.
This dish is the one that makes the restaurant click.

One would just need a lot of rice but that’s
not a problem since most of ChickBoy dishes
comes with all you can eat - unlimited rice.

We ended our meal with glorious
desserts of creamy Leche Flan,

…and the super delicious Turon con Leche  
 that came with caramelized condensed milk dip

We actually ordered Chicharong Bulaklak as 
a side dish but we got too scared to eat it as 
we already had we had too many fatty meat dishes- we ordered additional rice 
had them wrapped  and gave them
 to a homeless vagrant we saw at the roadside.