Monday, January 14, 2013

Hotel Movenpick, Ho Chi Minh City (a repost)

Hotel Movenpick, Ho Chi Minh City
Stay, Play and Feast


It was our very first time to stay
in a Movenpick facility
so we did not know what to expect.

We knew that it was a budget hotel
with a 5- star tag so we were expecting
a Shagri- La like provision.

Movenpick Ho Chi Minh
had a modern and lively lobby...


....and the kids were
delighted with the candy- like hue
of the hotel's interiors.

We had a spacious family room,
with a comfortable king sized bed
that could fit all of us…

A comfy sofa ...

...were we could laze…

…or watch the city scenery
from the window.

 They have a huge desk …

Where the kids  can play 
with their laptops ....

....or even do their homework.

The room has a marvelous bathroom.

Movenpick Round Blue Pool 

The hotel has a very beautiful round shaped pool…
The kids enjoyed it so much that they get to swim all day

…from morning ,...

...'til night.


 Cay Da Cafe

This coffee shop at the ground floor

…is where the kids get to
enjoy delicious cakes and pastries…

We also get to relax here
after a full day of straying
the sights and sounds of  Vietnam.

Café Saigon

Offers an amazing array of Vietnamese
and international dishes for their breakfast buffet…

It also became
our favorite restaurant,

Where we could dine
anytime of the day...


Room Service

There is nothing better that having your
dinner delivered right at the comfort of your own room.

 I cannot remember the names of the
Vietnamese food that we ordered

But the culinary experience alone
is a compelling reason that
it is worth coming back to this hotel.

Hotel Movenpick Saigon is an affordable
and family friendly budget hotel.

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