Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Honey Glazed Ham for Christmas

Honey Glazed, Very Tender 
Christmas Ham

50% SM Supermarket Ingredients


A Quarter of Raw Flank Ham
(available at Rustan's and at SM 
and Robinson's Supermarkets
but this year ours came as a gift
from Mr. Abella of The Piazza).

This Raw Ham from Egypt
has been pre- marinated with 
herbs and spices in a net
(one can still visibly see the net marks).

Marinate again for 24 hours in a ref 
with onions, pickles and olives...

Remove from the marinade
and clean up the ham...

Spread generously with honey...

Cook in a combination of
Convection and Microwave for 20 minutes,

...and viola- a perfectly baked
honey- glazed ham
perfect for Christmas

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