Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rocky's Raam, Magsaysay Avenue

Rocky's Raam
Work Hard, Party Hard

We hosted a pre- Christmas Dinner
for our employees  and household staff
at the newly opened  Rocky's Raam.

 Located at the Kakanan ni Isko’s
Lifestyle Center, at the Magsaysay Strip- 

... the place was teeming with people.

The first floor is occupied by several
dining and wining establishments and
share a common dining area at the courtyard.

It is a food court type of 'gimik' place
where the food and the  drinks 
are cheap and affordable,

....but the ambiance 
is hip and cool.

Rocky 's Raam is located at the second level
and has an al fresco dining area,

...and an indoor  music bar
with live rock band playing.

We had the place
 reserved exclusively.

Our usual guests were again our
employees ranging from medical technologists, 
radiology technologists, clinic assistants
our driver, gardeners and household helps
and some of  their relatives...

...who had been with us for a long time
and amazingly stood with us
and not sought for greener pastures
from other employers despite
the growing opportunities in the city

The group loosened up early
and partied hard even before dinner.

The food was superb,

...and the drinks are affordable
that we declared an open bar
so they could drink to their heart content,

...while the magnificent band
rocked the night away,

...that even Totoy, our driver,

and Cherrie, my clinic assistant
came rocking with them.

An all out affordable party- possible at hip and rocking
Rocky 's Raam.

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