Sunday, December 16, 2012

SM City Naga's Christmas Parade by Day and CWC at Night

SM City Naga's Christmas Parade by Day
 and CWC at Night
Christmas Weekends are more fun in CamSur

Stray and Play

We were expecting a busy Sunday.

The kids wanted to wakeboard in the morning
and also wanted to watch the
Grand Christmas Parade at SM City Naga.

We went to CWC in the morning
but there was a long line  of professional
 foreign wake  boarders in the main lake...

So we decided to leave and return later in the afternoon
as most of the wakeboarders would have left by then


Off we went to SM City Naga after lunch
to watch the Grand Christmas parade...

It started exactly at 3 PM
and  parade began with children carrying
different Christmas symbols ,

... followed by Christmas Icons
from the Nutcracker’s  Toy Soldier ,

... the Gingerbread Man...

... Frosty the Snowman

....fairies, angels, elves,

... graceful dancers dancers ,

....lovely majorettes
in colorful costumes,


,,,,a native marching band,

...and finally
 Mr. And Mrs Santa Claus.

The mall was filled with 
the bright and jolly air of Christmas...

That the kids didn’t want 
to leave anymore.


We returned to CWC at 6:30 PM,
just in time when most of the guests 
were leaving or have left to rest.

It was getting dark and 
only few stayed  to laze, relax -

...and maybe 
to wake board some more.

So my daughter had a blast of good
time at the main lake at dusk, there were just few of them left
wakeboarding until the Wake Park
 called it a day and closed at 9 PM.

Indeed, weekends are more fun in CamSur
when Christmas is in the air.


  1. First world amenities in a third world province.



    1. That is the beauty of CamSur living.

      You can wake up late on a Sunday morning, take a late lunch say in Yellow Cab, relax for a while over a coffee at Starbucks, be at SM in 5 minutes and end your day at the CWC wake park.

      All these can be done half a day. Try doing the same thing in big cities like Manila.

      Indeed that's how third world Naguenos live their lives.