Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kawa- Kawa Hill and Nature Park, Ligao City, Albay

Kawa- Kawa Hill and Nature Park
Ligao City, Albay
(Bicol Cuaresma Series 3)

The Kawa- Kawa Hill and Nature Park 
is located in Ligao City in Albay 
amidst a beautiful Sunflower farm 
at the base of the hill.

Kawa- kawa may look like an ordinary hill, 
but the difference  is at the summit where 
a huge hollowed crater- like depression is found.



It is called Kawa- kawa  as its shape resembles   
a cauldron (Kawa or Caldero in Bikol language)   
Because of this unique shape is of the same reason 
 why it is also called a hill without a hilltop.

The Hill has become a famous religious destination  
especially during Holy week because of the  
larger than life statues depicting the Stations of the Cross

Each statue in this hill is a work of art,  
painstakingly recreating  scenes 
from the Passion of  Christ

...that begins at the base of the hill winding around  
the hill, extending up to the crater.

People flock to the hill during the Lenten Season  
to pray, reflect and meditate on the Stations of the Cross.


The view a the top is exhilarating as it offers 
a stunning 360 degree bird’s eye view 
of  the City of Ligao.  and on a clear day 
a breathtaking view of  the Mt. Masaraga 
and the majestic Mayon Volcano.

Kawa- kawa Hill and Nature Park 
is not just a great Holy week destination 
but an all year round tourist attraction,

… as recreation facilities like playground, volleyball courts,  
camping ground and horseback riding are also available  
at the bottom of the crater.

It is also a place to enjoy, slow down, stop,  
enjoy and have time to smell the (sun) flowers

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  1. Kitam? Anong sinabi ng mga Michaelanglo figures na 'yan. Only in Ligao. Proudly Albay.

    1. I agree that the statues in Kawa Kawa are great works of art.

      They are beautiful and done like the way of the old masters in Europe.

      But it wouldn't be fair and it is not right to compare them to Michaelangelo's masterpieces.