Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Graceland Goa

Graceland Goa
(Bicol Cuaresma Series 2)

On our way to Albay via the Sangay- Joroan Road,
with two kids in tow we couldn’t find a place to eat
in the towns of Tigaon and Sangay, so we drove
to Goa, (which is off way) to look for a place to dine.

We decided to dine at the Graceland Restaurant
located just few meters away from Bigg’s Goa.

Although we have been to their stores in Naga City
It was our first time to dine in this branch and we were
pleasantly surprised to see that Graceland Goa
is a beautiful and well designed restaurant.

Just like its counterpart in Naga and Legazpi Cities
they serve delicious authentic Bikolano dishes
that are clean, sanitary and budget friendly.

I ordered an Executive Meal for myself,
which is a plateful of goodness made up of
Java Rice, Barbecue,  Fried Chicken and Macaroni Salad.

My wife ordered a satisfying Bicol Special Plate
made up of Rice, Pork Chop and Pinagat

My daughter had Baked Macaroni
which she said tasted delicious

My son had their tried an tested
lip smacking and tender Fried Chicken.

My mother in law who was with us
had a Laing Barbecue Meal
which she also liked

While Totoy, our driver had a huge serving
of Sizzling Sisig with Egg
which he claimed was  very delicious.

Graceland Restaurant (together with Bigg's)
has been providing the Bicolanos tasty
and affordable dishes for the past three decades.


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