Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top 10 Hotels with The Most Awesome Views

Hotels with the Most Awesome Views
(Based on the hotels where we stayed in the past)

I am not a perfect authority to speak
about the hotels with the best views
as I have not been to all hotels all over the world.
So I’m limiting my viewpoint to hotels
we stayed with the best views.

My choices came form the hotels where we stayed
from the different places we’ve visited in the past.


In Europe, we have been to Helsinki, Paris,
Brussels, Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin and Athens.

The Concorde de la Fayette Hotel that we stayed in Paris
is worth mentioning as it boasts the best view in the city
but unfortunately we stayed at the wrong side of the hotel
where the view was not as spectacular as promised.

I’ve included hotels from Asian cities we visited
like Tokyo, Yokohama, Bali, Singapore, Hongkong,
Beijing, Kuala Lumpur Sydney, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City.

I would also like to mention Kuala Lumpur Novotel also has
spectacular view of the city, but just like in Paris,
we stayed on the wrong side of the hotel.

Also included are hotels from North American cities
like San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Detriot, Minneapolis,
New Orleans, Boston, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle,
Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington DC and Toronto.

Also worth mentioning here is the spectacular view of the bay
at San Diego’s Holiday Inn by the Bay, 

...and the Embassy Suites in Boston but unfortunately
I would only be choosing ten hotels in this blog
and  there are other hotels that we stayed
in the US and Canada with better views.

We have been to two scenic islands of the Pacific
like Honolulu in Hawai and  Tumon Bay in Guam so two
hotels in these area were included in this search.

And of course the fabulous hotels from major cities
in the Philippines where we have stayed before.

Since we have not been to Africa, Middle East
and South America yet, understandably,
no hotels were included in these places.

Now on we go to the Top Ten Hotels where we stayed
in the past that offer the best view from the window:

# 10: JW Marriott; Bangkok, Thailand.

We visited Bangkok in the pastand we stayed
in the beautiful Montein Riverside Hotel

When we returned about a decade later
we stayed at the JW Marriott Hotel in central Bangkok
Imagine having a wrap around panoramic window
in your room and be surrounded by the
busy and chaotic cityscape that is Bangkok? 

It is like your room is suspended on mid air
and you are floating up above the city.
The room gives you the feeling that you are
the King of Siam hovering over your kingdom.

 #  9: Hard Rock Hotel; San Diego, California
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We have been to San Diego about five times since 1995
and we stayed in various hotels like Embassy Suites,
Holiday Inn by the Bay,  Ramada Plaza in Hotel Circle and
lately, at the Hard Rock Hotel and the Gaslamp District.

This hotel had a floor to ceiling window and offers
a great view of the San Diego’s Gas Lamp District,
the Bay and the beautiful San Diego Convention Center.

Aside from the cityscape, it also offers a beautiful
view of the pool, literally and figuratively.

I can never stop raving and praising this hotel.
It has Shagri-La like opulence and service
but not as pricey. 


Aside from their fabulous rooms it offers great view
of the Manila Bay and Roxas Boulevard'

#  7: Siloso Beach Hotel; Singapore 
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Siloso Beach Resort Hotel

I cannot remember how many times  we have been
 to Singapore and stayed on various hotels in the city.

But the last time we were there was when we took
our loyal employees for a vacation and we stayed at the 
Siloso Beach Resort Hotel in the Island of Sentosa.

The hotel though needs a little renovation
as it is a little bit old- but the view is spectacular.

Imagine having a view in the balcony
of the lush forest on one side,

...and the white sand beach on 
your window  on the other side.

# 6: Shangri- la Hotel; Mactan, Cebu
and Fiesta Resort Hotel, Tumon Guam
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It is hard to separate these two hotels as they
 look identical and the view is almost similar.
Shangri- La Mactan offers a great view
of the lush garden of the vast Visayan Sea…

…While the Fiesta Resort Hotel had the
spectacular view of Tumon Bay.


# 5: Hilton Hotel; Universal City LA  
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Hilton Hotel Alcove Room, Universal Studios LA 

Breathtaking- is the only way to describe the view
of the Hollywood Hills in Hilton Hotel Universal City.

Their Alcove Room is provided with vast panoramic window.
that seemed to wrap around the room


# 4: Double Tree by Hilton; Amsterdam
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We have been to Amsterdam twice and we stayed 
at the lovely Etherea Hotel on our first visit.
We booked at the Double Tree by Hilton by the Central Station
when we returned after almost a decade
"We’ll put you in a room with a view"-
said the lady at the  front desk when we checked in.

Indeed, with a floor to ceiling panoramic windows,
we had a awesome view of the city and its famed canals.

# 3: H2O Hotel; Manila Ocean Park
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Ironically, this hotel room was windowless
but the this hotel’s  Aqua Rooms had the view
of the underwater world right in your  bedside...


....that kept the kids entertained all day
and seem to never want to leave the room.

# 2 : Oriental Hotel; Legazpi City, Albay
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The best thing in the Oriental Hotel is that  you are lulled
 to sleep by the dazzling city lights at night...

...and you wake up in the morning with the indescribable
beauty of Mayon Volcano staring right at you

# 1: Hotel Golden Star, Prague
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There are not enough words to describe
the beauty of the view from the widow of this hotel
and no picture could justify the elegance 
and the opulence of the what you see in reality

The hotel rooms offers  a view of Royal Route
and of  beautiful  Lesser Town red roofs
and you feel like being transported
back to the middle ages.


  1. Looking at the pictures is is obvious that the Oriental Legazpi has the best view among the hotel mentioned. Chaka ang iba. It should have been on #1. This goes to show that you are biased against our beloved city. The Queen City of Bicol. The City like no other. Pictures don't lie. People do.

    1. Thank you for reading my post.

      I don't see any form of bias in choosing Oriental Hotel second on my list of the Top 10 hotels with awesome views from the numerous wonderful hotels we stayed in our past travels.

      I don't have to defend Hotel Golden Star- as Prague is a very beautiful city and if you read my precious blog about it, I mentioned there that every nook and cranny of the city is beautiful and wherever you look, it wouldn't matter which hotel we stay- the view is awesome.

      I admire your love and patriotism to your beloved city but I think that form of veneration makes your opinion biased.

      This post is not a lie- it's a personal opinion and I respect your opinion and I expect you to do the same.

      I am not a professional photographer but pictures may also hide some imperfections from of the real world.

    2. He, he, he. You might be eating too much "Ampalaya" Pizza at the Red Cheese whatever it is pizza parlor. Ampalaya is the Filipino word for Bitter Gourd. Common get real- be happy of being second to Prague. This blog rated your city hotel better than Paris. Should I hear any French protesting, then I would agree wholeheartedly.

    3. What is in Paris? Eiffel Tower? That's man made. Mayon Volcano is beyond compare. Only in Albay. Proudly Legazpi.

    4. The fact that Oriental was ranked #2 by the review debunks your allegation of bias. He could have simply disregarded and missed out Oriental in his list if he is. Remember, this is his review, not yours. By the way, go out to the world first and see for yourself the beauty outside your city. And please have your balls in the right place. Do not hide behind that all too familiar anonymous. Jossell Abiog

  2. Hotels often provide a number of additional services for tourists. Thanks a lot for providing this such beautiful and attractive view of the hotels. People like to spend more time here and become this moment memorable.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog.

      Hotels are important to people especially for a family traveling with two young kids. It is our home away from home and this is the reason why we are choosy on the hotels we stay.

      The room should be just as comfortable as our bedroom at home. If it is more comfortable coupled with a magnificent view on the balcony or the window- that that's an extra bonus and well appreciated by guests.

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  4. Oriental Hotel offers amazing view of Mayon Volcano but too overpriced and the service sucks.