Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yellow Cab Tango

Yellow Cab Tango.  

It was one of those rare moments on a Saturday afternoon
after attending an anticipated mass at the Penafrancia Shrine
that, lo and behold- you get a lone parking slot at the Piazza
that appears as if it was reserved just for you.

The Lifestyle Center is where very popular restaurants 
and swanky  cafes like Starbucks, Yellow Cab, 
Biggs, Soledad and Tantrum are located.

God is Good!
The Lady of Penafrancia is miraculous indeed.

I was grinning ear to ear when we  got off the van
as finally we would be able to dine at Yellow Cab  again-
our all time favorite restaurant.

Just like other restaurants in Magsaysay Avenue on a weekend,
Yellow Cab was crowded at the time we arrived a little past 7 pm.

We were excited to try their new Jalapeno Tango
of Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings served perfectly fried-
crispy on the outside even without any breading.

Just fully flavored with the tangy parmesan cheese
and seasoned with just the right spice of garlic
that even the gorgeous vampires of Twilight
would be tempted to bite as it is very juicy on the inside.

 They ran out of the Jalapeno Potato wedges so were
served their regular Potato Wedges with is just as good.

My wife has been craving for their Chicken Alfredo Pasta and
she ordered one as she always does every time we are at Yellow Cab.

The pasta comes in huge servings so she shares it with everyone else.


It’s been a while that we enjoyed   Dear Darla Pizza
that comes in a thin crust pizza topped  with pepperoni .
onions, black olives,  tomatoes , capers and mushrooms.

 Served with fresh Aragula leaves  or what they call a Salad Rocket
 and Alfafa Sprouts which interestingly was originally meant for cattle
but is fit and very healthy for human consumption as well.

Dear Darla is the most interactive pizza in the world
as you have to lay the veggies  over the pizza..

…roll and cut them to bite size spools before eating.
Believe- me, there is no other pizza in the world
as unique and as delicious as Dear Darla.

And of course, no dinner is complete at Yellow Cab
without their  yummy Ice cream concoctions like
our favorite classic Vanilla Ice Cream.

I cannot remember how many times we have dined
at Yellow Cab- and every time we visit the restaurant
Is always a satisfying culinary experience.

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  1. Dear Darla,

    Please tell me why you were named after a pizza?

    Your's truly,


    1. I don't know Benjie.

      I have no idea but the is the best answer that I got from the net:

      "Dear Darla Pizza has its name rooted from the very famous movie of little kids and puppy love, the Little Rascals. This is popularized by the scenes of Alfalfa writing Darla, his love of his life, a love letter. I loved that youth and innocent themed movie. It is surely a witty way of naming the pizza after Darla considering that one of the main ingredients of the pizza is alfalfa sprouts."



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