Sunday, March 24, 2013

Warm and Sunny Mexicali Naga

 Warm and Sunny Mexicali, Naga
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Remember the lively Mexican kiddie song
 song the goes this way?

Down in Mexico it’s sunny-

...the days are warm
 and sweet as honey.-

Children in the lazy weather
run and laugh and play together…

Feel the beat and the warmth of Southern California
from these bouncy lyrics of this old Mexican folk song- the one and only authentic Mexican restaurant in the city
and the rest of the Philippines aside from Metro Manila.

Mexicali Naga is their one 
and only branch outside Manila-

...and Boy- we Naguenos 
are lucky to have them here-

...where we can indulge in their really huge servings
of great tasting Southern Californian dishes.

Like the have massive and towering heap
of crispy and cheesy Mexicali Nachos to share…

The Oooo- so delicious but so healthy
Grilled Vegetable dinner

A perfectly singed and seamlessly grilled
and believe it or not- non greasy and chewy
Grilled Pork Chop dinner

…and of course one should never miss
 their delicious Burritos
served in different sizes that would fit
everyone’s budget and appetites,

...and could even be served naked
should you would prefer to eat them on a plate…

and even kids could not get enough
of their healthy but yummy
Fish Bites dinner.

They also serve exclusive refreshing drinks
just right to cool you off on the warm Mexican ambiance.

Mexicali is one of the best places to dine in the city
that could satisfy your big appetite and craving
for great Southern Californian dishes- they all come in gigantic servings but
at pocket friendly and budget prices.

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