Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pasta Perfection at Pizza Hut, SM City Naga

Pasta Perfection at Pizza Hut
SM City Naga

No other pizza- pasta restaurant
offers a broad choice of various
pasta dishes in Naga City than
Pizza Hut in SM City Naga.

My family  had a pasta feast last week
and we indulged on various pasta treats
to our hearts’ (and tummy’s)content.

No meal is complete in Pizza Hut
without starting it out with their
thick and creamy Mushroom Soup
topped with herbed croutons. 

Then came the delicious Pasta dishes
starting with the New  Texas Bake
made of  spiral pasta with savory meat sauce,
 cream,  bell pepper and mozzarella
baked just right and served hot from the oven.

Pesto  Chicken Penne with basil, pesto
and cream sautéed with chicken strips
that tasted very good,

Spaghetti Carbonara  an all- time 
Italian pasta favorite that
tasted so good and could become
a Filipino favorite as well.

One may also have the option to try
their rice meals like Pork BBQ Rice,

To cap up the pasta feast is Supreme Pizza
relished  with 6 toppings made of beef , pepperoni,
seasoned pork, bell pepper, mushrooms and onions.

…and the crust was stuffed
with yummy 3- ft sausage.

Pizza Hut opened in Naga Centro
more than a decade ago,

….then moved to SM City Naga 
about four years ago,

...and being the only branch in Bicol it continues
to provide tasty and world class pasta dishes
to the pizza hungry Bicolanos.

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  1. Do you have to always emphasize that a certain store like Pizza Hut, or Mexicali (on your last blog) is only found in the city of Naga and flaunt it to the whole world that we do not have those, say in Legazpi?

    1. Yes.

      This blog also serves as a guide on where to go and where to find the places featured in this blog.

      Don't, worry, I'll edit this blog once Pizza Hut is already available in other cities or towns in Bicol.

  2. thanks for your blog. i can always rely on it to bring me back home...and make me hungry :)

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog Ayn. I'm glad that this blog at least connects you back to Naga City. Keep on coming back so you'll get updated of the latest developments in the PI- (dining destinations, at least).