Wednesday, May 31, 2017

CWC Clubhouse Feast

CWC Clubhouse Feast 

CWC had been my family’s favorite weekend destination
as it is close home, and the kids are avid wake boarders.

When my eldest daughter went to college, it was difficult
to pull her out from studying even on weekends, so it took
us a while to return to this awesome wakepark until now.


My young son wanted to swim on the newly
rehabilitated Lago del Ray floating aqua park,

…so we booked a room where my daughter could study,

...had a late lunch at the CWC Clubhouse, and feasted 
on a wide variety of local and international dishes.

The Sinigang na Baboy was divine. The pork was
simmered to a melt in the mouth tenderness and the
tamarind broth had the precise degree of sourness,
not enough to wrinkle your face in acerbic revulsion.


We love Sinanglay na Tilapia, a native dish that originated
from the bucolic town of Buhi, popular not just for ‘sinarpan’,
the smallest edible fish in the world, but for tilapia as well.
While the original version is done by simmering the fish in
creamy coconut milk, the CWC version was done by initially
frying the fish to crispy perfection before being  simmered.
The frying added more texture and resulted to a delightfully  
chewy, less smelly and tastier version of the indigenous dish.

Chicken Inasal and all you can eat rice, doesn’t this sound familiar?
It’s all over the place. Just as we thought that the best chicken barbecues
are served in Bacolod based chicken fast food chains, try the CWC’s 
Chicken Inasal. Marinated in lemon and annatto essence, it had a
delightful gingery-garlicky aftertaste with a hint of lemon grass. This
is probably one of the best Chicken Inasal versions in the Philippines.

The delicious Singapore Noodles had an al- dente, stir fried
rice vermicelli, seasoned with curry powder, topped scrambled
curry flavored eggs and tender and nutty and  tasty char siu pork.

We also loved the CWC Crispy Pata 
as it was lean, almost fat- free, yet
so deliciously crunch and very tasty.,


...and so was the Chicken Sisig.  


The humongous CWC House Burger is made of 200 grams
of double beef patty lying in a bed  lettuce, cheddar cheese,   
white onions, tomatoes and mushrooms. It was topped by a
 tasty signature onion jam adding a sweetish- piquant flavor.
This is a must try, must order dish for anyone dining in CWC.


This massive feast of delicious dishes provided us with
enough energy to enjoy the new Lago del Rey aquapark.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

CWC Weekend: Typhoon Scarred yet Awesome Fun

CWC Weekend 
Typhoon Scarred yet Awesome Fun

The 2017 summer heat in unbearable and being confined
in an air- conditioned room 24/7 gets you claustrophobic,
that the children needed some fresh air to breath to my
daughter decided to study in our garden, al- fresco style,


 …my young son spent his youthful energy to skateboard,


…and bike around the neighborhood,


…while I perused my newspapers in the patio.


Living in Naga City gives us the advantage of being just thirty
 minutes away from CamSur Watersports Complex, popularly
 known as CWC,as it assures us of an awesome summer weekend.


CWC has not recovered from the devastation
of Super Typhoon Nina on 2016 Christmas Eve,

…where about 50 percent of
the cabanas were destroyed.



We checked in a medium sized cabana,

…where my daughter enjoyed studying at the airy 
balcony, while  my son  took the pleasure of enjoying 
the outdoor  patio while waiting for our lunch.


We initially intended to have an in- room dining
but decided to eat our lunch at the clubhouse,

…where we feasted on a wide a variety of
sumptuous local and international dishes.




After l;unch, my daughter who is an avid wakeboarder decided just to 
stay in the cabana to study for her summer classes’ mid- term exams,
while me and my young son excitedly ran to the Lago del Ray,


…and had an awesome fun,


… at the brand new floating aqua park.


This newly updated floating playground,



…was a substantial upgrade compared to the
original one that opened ten years ago in 2008.


The Lago del Rey aqua park closes at 4:30 PM,



…and most of the guests did not want to leave
 yet as everyone was having an awesome fun.



We returned to our wooden cabana to get dressed and  relax
for a while, then my son later enjoyed the skateboard park.


He later moved to skateboard around the Lago del Ray,

…before returning to the clubhouse for dinner.


We again feasted on a mixed
Asian and Continental dishes,




…and lingered on our seats
with the lakeside view to relax,



…while watching the pro- wake
boarders showing off their tricks.


The wooden cabana booking was meant for an overnight  stay, 


...the beds were inviting, but we checked- out after dinner, 
as we did not intend to stay long and sleep there.



It served as a spacious dressing room after swimming
and a comfortable place to rest and to while away the hot
summer day in this  awesome wake boarder’s paradise.

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