Saturday, October 3, 2015

CWC Clubhouse: Global Cuisine in Bicol

CWC Clubhouse 
Global Cuisine in Bicol 

CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) Clubhouse is one
of my family’s favorite dining destinations in the province.

Being regular diners here have encouraged my children
to learn the various watersports activities in the resort,

…and not only got hooked to wakeboarding
but they also learned to love the food as well.

We always look forward dining at the clubhouse
after a grueling and exciting day at the wakepark.

My daughter loves their all day breakfast fares and
this time she ordered the Cheese Steak Omelet.
This divinely delicious dish comes as a huge slab of
perfectly fried egg omelet bathed with creamy cheese,

….generously stuffed with bite size beef
steak that  seem to burst to the seams. 

The Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich that
my son ordered was just as delicious. It
came with a generous serving of French fries.

My wife initial ordered Fish and Chips, but they have
already taken the dish out from the menu. They offered
to try the Fish Fingers instead. It was a good suggestion
as it came as a huge serving of breaded fish fillet, fried to
crispy perfection while the fish remained tender and tasty.

I always order Wonton Noodle Soup whenever I’m here.
The soup stock tastes good, the noodles are firm and the
wonton is made of tasty and chunky bits and pieces of pork.

We ended our dinner by sharing
a huge serving of Banana Split.

CWC is an iconic wakeboarders’ paradise
and one of the most visited destinations by
mostly  foreign tourists in  the Philippines,

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