Tuesday, November 5, 2013

CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC), Reinvented: Awesome CWC Series 2

CamSur Watersports Complex 
CWC, Reinvented 
(Awesome Re- Invention)  
Awesome CWC Series 2 
Stay, Stray, Play Feast

The CamSur Watersports Complex’s main lake
opened its doors again after closing for two months
while undergoing  renovation or was it a
reinvention(?)  as what the CWC management  says.

The kids who are avid fans of CWC sorely missed
the best wake park in the world so when we learned
 that it had a soft opening this August,
 we  trooped back to the water park,

…and we had been regularly visiting the wakepark again
and we love what we see with the on- going re- invention.

The newly re- invented CWC had a more compact
newly laid brand new white sand on the beach.

This wide beach sets CWC apart from other wake parks
in the Philippines as it allows the guests to have more
space to play beach sports, exercise, have a leisurely walk
or just simply laze and sun bath for a perfect suntan.

The wide lake side beach is also a great place
where kids can frolic and play.

Another feature that sets CWC apart from other
wake board parks in the Philippines and in the World
is its various comfortable but affordable accommodation
from the luxurious hotel like the Mansion Suites,

 ^^^Source: http://www.cwcwake.com/hotels_villas_cabanas/p2_articleid/321

…and the Bali inspired Villas at  the  Villa del Rey
that comes with its own private pool ,

…to beautiful wood cabins,

trailer park,

…comfy Cabanas,

…and the very, very affordable Tiki Huts.

The CWC Clubhouse and Restaurant also offers
delicious local and international cuisine so affordable
that wouldn’t hurt the guests’ budget.

CWC is an iconic wakeboard park that put the once
sleepy backward Camarines Sur Province to
  the world map when it opened in the 2006 and became  
 the top tourist destination in the Philippines,

...and has been  popularly  being called CamSur 
 this time by the province’s mostly young and hip tourists.

It also jump started the wake boarding craze that
some provinces also built their own wakeboard park…

…including its sister wake park in Nuvali.

^^^Nuvali Wake Park

But nothing comes close to the original.

Aside from main lake, CWC is the only wakepark
in the  Philippines and probably in the world
that has a Winchpark 

….that accommodates wakeboarding enthusiasts
from the newbies where they can learn the basics
of the sport  on the Beginner’s Lake,


…to  the professional  wake boarders looking for more
extreme adventure and more challenging  obstacles,

… on its various mini lakes equipped with obstacles 
of different levels of difficulty where one could hurdle 
a  higher degree  of adrenalin pumping challenges .


It also has the Lago del Rey the biggest man made lake
 in the country where guests looking that are not 
on extreme sports and looking for
 more benign activities may leisurely swim,


…and indulge themselves on different
water sport activities.

It also has a Bike and Skateboard Park
that guests can use for free,

…and a beautiful infinity pool by the boardwalk
where guests can swim and laze around if they 
just  want to relax and didn’t want to do anything.

One may even go bird watching
at the wake park.

And of course, the newly refurbished main lake
that now has higher towers  and cable lines,

….longer ropes that allow riders
to execute extreme stunts,

…new fiberglass obstacles,

…are the reasons why  the wake boarders from

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