Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Alfonso’s Simply Natural Restaurant: A Vegan with a Carnivorous Twin Sister

Alfonso’s Simply Natural Restaurant 
  A Vegan with a Carnivorous Twin Sister 

The horrible crowd during the Penafrancia Fiesta
brought us back to Alfonso’s Restaurant as we
knew it would be one of the very few places in
Naga City where we could dine in peace and quiet.

We love the peaceful homey ambiance of Alfonso’s’.

The interior reflects a modern colonial Filipino home,

…that would make you feel you like you are a
house guest rather than being in a restaurant.

We have ordered their all- vegan
specialties during our first visit,

…but what appears to be a pure vegan restaurant, Alfonso’s, being 
a sister restaurant of the famous Kambingan in  Magsaysay 
Avenue,  also offers its chevon dishes for their carnivorous clients.

 This is good as we love the dishes in Kambingan
but we seldom dine there as we find the place dodgy,
and offering the chevon specialties here gives us a
chance to enjoy them in a more tranquil environ.

We started our dinner with a Sinigang na Hipon.
This is one of the most delicious sinigang in the
city. It wasn’t sour at all. Just a perfect sharp bite of
venigar, so light not enough one’s face in revulsion.

Of course, we ordered Kalderetang Kambing.
It is Kambingan’s signature dish, it is so tasty
and one chevon dish that should not be missed.

We also tremendously enjoyed the Gintaang Hito.
The tender and slimy catfish was cooked in coconut
milk richly flavored with tomatoes, garlic and onions.

For their vegetarian fares, we ordered Alfonso’s Salad.
The veggies were organically grown, they were fresh,
crispy and delicious, devoid of any artificial flavorings.

We had already tried the Pumpkin Soup on our first visit,
but we decided to order we again order it again. It was very
addicting and we craved for it since the last time we tasted it.

The Tofu Steak appeared plain and unappealing.
Surprisingly, the creamy sauce was so flavorful
and perked up the otherwise bland soya based dish.

We also had Chicken Pastel. It was 100% made of veggies, but
who cares? It was so delicious; nobody noticed that it was meat-
free, and it tasted even better than those with real chicken on  it. 

Of course, no meal is complete in Alfonso's without 
the, fiber rich, low glycemic index, healthy Brown Rice.

Alfonso’s and Kambigan, a vegan and a carnivore.
They are poles apart, but opposites do attract,

...and a fusion of their vegan and chevon specialties is
nothing but an outrageously wonderful combination.

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