Saturday, March 30, 2019

McDonald’s Nanjing: Feeling at Home in Shanghai (Getting High in Shanghai Series 17)

McDonald’s Nanjing 
Feeling at Home in Shanghai
Getting High in Shanghai Series 17        

McDonald’s is my family’s favorite burger restaurant
 because Despite of being an American company, 
it is one restaurant makes Filipinos feel at home. 


This is understandable as McDonald’s is a very popular and
one of the most endeared fast- food chains in the Philippines.

Seeing a McDonald’s store abroad never fails to bring
a smile in our faces as it assures of a tasty comfort food
       that we have been missing being far away from home.  


So when we saw one in Nanjing Road
in Shanghai, we decided to dine there.

Just like any other McDonalds abroad, this branch
had also caught up with the digital age and they are
already using a fully computerized ordering system.


Whole most of our all time favorite
McDonald fares are also available here,


What caught our attention are the Jumbo Wing,


…and the Chicken Patty Rice Bowl.


Both dishes are delicious and crave worthy
pnd we hope that McDonald’s should consider
offering them as regular fares in their menu.


Just as we thought we have tried what was unique
in McDonald’s in Shanghai, what we saw in theor
subway ads was totally unexpected- hot noodles.


It got us all so excited and gave us a reason to return
to McDonalds, which unfortunately- we failed to do so.

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