Tuesday, March 26, 2019

East Nanjing Road:The Heart and Soul of Shanghai (Getting High in Shanghai Series 16)

East Nanjing Road
The Heart and Soul of Shanghai
Getting High in Shanghai Series 16        

Nanjing Road is located in the city center
is the main shopping street of Shanghai,

...and one of the world's busiest shopping district.

Nanjing Road is divided to two 
sections, the East Nanjing Road


...which is largely pedestrianised, 


...and extends from The Bund


…to the west, ending at People's Square.

East Nanjing Road is a dedicated commercial zone.




Immediately west of the Bund is a hub
of European-style restaurants,cafes,


…and upscale malls.


...and pocket parks.



Close by is the Central Market, a century-old
outdoor market and numerous souvenir shops.



…an amusing street food stalls.


Further west is the Nanjing Road pedestrian mall.


Located here are some of Shanghai's
oldest and largest department stores,




…like Shanghai No. 1 Department Store.


The East Nanjing Road despite being pedestrianised
can also be explored leisurely by a mini- train. 



East Nanjing ends at People's Park.


...and this is where the West Nanjing Road begins.

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