Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Hong Kong Traditional Cuisine: Imago Mall, Shanghai China (Getting High in Shanghai Series2)

Hong Kong Traditional Cuisine 
Imago Mall, Shanghai China
Getting High in Shanghai Series2 

Tired and hungry after a half day flight from Manila,
we went to Imago Mall for dinner after checking- in
at the Oakwood Residences located right next door. 


Hongkong Tradition Cuisine was the very first
restaurant we saw so we decided to dine there

The restaurant didn’t have a typical fussy, overly
accessorized Chinese interior design of ornate
lacquered wood furniture and intricate tapestries.

It had a modern take by limiting the typical
oriental design elements to a few basic pieces
and incorporated western inspired cushion seats,


…and lovely European crystal chandeliers.


We ordered Signature Roasted Duck as it is
a cornerstone of culture and the quintessential   
fine dining centerpiece in any Chinese meal.


This is probably the best roasted duck that we’ve tasted.
The skin was deliciously crunchy and had a mild bitter-
sweet aftertaste, the fatty meat was savory- sour and the
broth was slightly briny. It was flawless concoction that
satisfies the old culinary tradition that this dish should
stimulate all five areas of gustatory senses; savory, sweet,
sour, salty, bitter to ensure that all taste buds are satiated.


The Mackerel with Lemon Juice, a pan fried whole fish
is popular Chinese dish. We were served with what locals
colloquially call “swimming fish,” as it was very fresh.
The mackerel was fried to an absolutely beautiful silvery-
golden perfection. The flesh was firm and savory with
the lemon juice neutralizing the fishy odor and after taste.


We all loved the Poached Enoki Mushroom.
Known as the golden needle mushrooms had
a velvety texture and lovely mild sweet taste.


The Black Truffle Stir Fried with Prawn and Okra is one
of the best vegetable dishes that we ever tasted. Plump prawns,
fresh chewy okra stir fried with bits and pieces of black truffles.
It resulted to a delightful explosion of pungent- earthy flavors
with deliciously strong musky aftertaste bursting in your mouth.
This dish deserves to be called the ‘ulitmate guisadong gulay’. 


   We had a divine Mango Jelly,


…and Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Jelly, 
which reminded me of biko, a native Pinoy kakanin.


The food was so delicious that we
 left our table without any left over.


 We enjoyed the food in this restaurant so much that
we decided to dine here once more on our last day in
Central Shanghai before moving to Pudong next day.

We started our meal with Prawn Wonton Soup.
A shrimp filled wonton or dumpling is a popular
type of Chinese dumpling especially in cuisine.
It is also a popular Filipino comfort food and this
version is certainly the best that we have ever tried.


While we enjoyed the Poached Enoki Mushroom
the first timer we dined here, we decided to order 
Crispy Enoki Mushroom this time. the mushroom
was breaded and fried to a crispy perfection that
melts in the mouth. It is a healthier version of a
pork floss, just as addicting yet more delicious.


The Sizzling Honey Glazed Barbecue Pork 
could be considered as a centerpiece for this meal.
Bite size barbecued pork glazed with honey, which
tasted like Chinese had, on less salty and more tender,
served sizzling hot on a hot plate with beans on the side.


Since we tremendously enjoyed the ‘ulitmate guisadong gulay’ 
during our first excursion in this restaurant we decided to order 
Black Truffle Stir Fried with Prawn and Okra once more.


We all had Mango Jelly Pudding for dessert. 


Hongkong Tradition Cuisine in Imago Mall
served our very first awesome dinner when we
arrived in Shanghai and a satisfying culinary
experience as a fitting conclusion for our last day
in the city center before moving on to Pudong.

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