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People’s Park and the Marriage Market: 'match.com' Meets Farmers' Market (Getting High in Shanghai Series 12)

People’s Park and the Marriage Market
'match.com' Meets Farmers' Market
Getting High in Shanghai Series 12       

People's Park was built on the grounds of the former
Shanghai Race Club, established by the British in 1862.


When the People's Republic of China was founded,
the communist government banned all forms of gambling, 


…they converted the northern half
of the racecourse into People's Park,

…and the southern half  to People's Square.


Shanghai’s People’s Park is probably
what Central Park is to New York,


It is a major tourist attraction of lovely gardens,


…verdant pocket forests,


…historic buildings,


…and tranquil ponds.


It was a busy weekend during our visit so we
chanced upon the Shanghai Marriage Market.


The marriage market held in the park every Saturday
and Sunday is also known as "blind date corner" .


Parents flock to the park to find a suitable partner
for unmarried adult children in which numerous
marriage advertisement listings are publicly posted.

Chinese culture’s long idealized important
tradition of continuing their family lineage, 


…the standards of finding the right
match are written on s piece of paper, 


...which is then hung upon long strings,
boards, and even on open umbrellas.

The parents socialize and talk with other parents to
find out if there is a perfect fit among their children. 


Sometimes referred as "match.com meets farmers' market"
the Shanghai Marriage Market, a parent matchmaking fair
is a way of upholding a traditional dating style modern China.


Some may find it weird but a visit to
the Marriage Market at People’s Park
is an awesome cultural experience.

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