Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Out Of (Whole Wheat) Bread: Healthy Covid19 Dining

Out Of (Whole Wheat) Bread 
Healthy Covid19 Dining 

Bread is an essential breakfast fare and I cannot
imagine a Pinoy breakfast table without bread.

We have been using Gardenia Whole Wheat Bread
all our lives and has been a regular fare in our diet
as it is healthier, had high fiber content and with
low glycemic index- or less sugar that white bread.

But after the lockdown it was very difficult to find
one, but interestingly there was an abundance of
unhealthy white bread on the supermarket shelves.

While we need to stay healthy during this Covid19 Pandemic
but it difficult to do so if there are no healthier alternatives.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Paluto: Covid19 Dining Friendly.

Covid19 Dining- Friendly

While restaurant dining is not allowed these days due
to Covid19 Pandemic, Paluto is open without in- house
dining but the resident chefs are in, ready to cook our
favorite home cooked meals right before our very eyes.

From the Filipino ‘poor man’s fish’
perfectly fried Galunggong,

… chewy yet tender Octopus Calamari,

…and of course, something we could
not live without, Guisadong Ampalaya.

Anyone can enjoy his quarantine with

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Covid19 Pandemic Dining and Shopping

Covid19 Pandemic Dining and Shopping 

Under home quarantine, with restaurants closed
and getting out of the house is restricted and scary,
we are fortunate as we still shopping and dining
because of on line modern technology in Naga City.



Food Panda,


…and its take-off Pandadelivery are
operational and ready to satisfy your
cravings from you favorite restaurants.


Hungrily's Community Mart,  

had taken a step  ahead by 
 partnering with LCC Supermarket,


… and other utility services to deliver-

…everything you need while quarantined.


No need to go to the supermarket and drugstore
as Pandadelivery would also do it for you.


Download their Apps now to keep you family Covid19 free
while locked safely in the comfort  your in your homes.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Dinardo’s: Late Night Dinner in Legazpi.

Late Night Dinner in Legazpi. 

It was late at night as we have already given
up searching for a place to dine as almost all
the restaurants in Legazpi we decided to drive
back to Naga and we stumbled upon Dinardo’s.


Located at the airport road, the eclectically
decorated restaurant shone radiantly in the
dark- a glittering allusion that we would not
be driving starving back home to CamSur.


Dinardo’s serves peri peri dishes
that originated in South Africa-


…known as a chili based sauce
used as a seasoning or marinade.


Surprisingly, the Grilled Blue Marlin which
I expected to be firm a rubbery, almost had
a tender steak-like texture. Marinated in
classic peri- peri stylem bathed in oyter sauce.
it was hale, hearty and very, very delicious.


The same thing is true with the PeriPeri Back Ribs. 
Spicy, very tender, very juicy and the meat falls off
from the bones with a melt in the mouth consistency.


We also enjoyed the Sizzling PeriPeri Sisig.
as the meat was tender and a lightly crisp and
had an aftertaste of diced onions, seasonings,
kalamansi, and of course, bathed with Dinardo’s   
signature  peri- peri chili pepper sauce topping. 


The Mixed Vegetable in Oyster Sauce 
was overcooked but still tasted okay. 


Dinardo’s was a delicious savior from late
night starvation during trip in Legazpi.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Tokyo Tempura: Awesome Tempura Snacks

Tokyo Tempura 
Awesome Tempura Snacks 

I am a regular costumer of Tokyo Tempura 
and I understand they already have several
stores in Naga City  but I’ve never visited
 those and I don’t even know where they are.


Yet, I get to enjoy their yummy tempuras
thru Hungrily, a local delivery service app.


Tempura snacking has never been this fun
as Tokyo Tempura offers a wide variety
of delicious yet affordable tempura dishes. 


One of which is the Chili Cheese Tempura. 



Known as dynamites in the Philippines,these
are made from green chillis stuffed with cheese,
dipped in a batter and fried to a crunccy perfection.


Two of our all time favorites
are the Kani Tempura- 


…and of course the classic   
Shrimp Tempura. 


They offer a variety of tempura  
 combinations in a bowl, 



...for an awesome snacking experience.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Granjeros: A Vegan Feast

A Vegan Feast 

We were on our way to Okuya as everyone
was hungry and craving for Japanese  dishes
but parking at the Piazza was full. We chanced
upon a vacant space right in front of Granjeros-


…and we ended up dining there.


Grajeros is then fisrt  all-natural products store
and  restaurant in Naga City that offers a wide
variety of healthy organic products in their grocery,
and vegetarian and vegan cuisine in their restaurant.


We started our meal with a fresh
Vegetable Salad as an appetizer.


The Langka Ribs was made from unripe jackfruit,
coated with a glutinous gel made to look a layer of fat.
and had  texture and taste exactly just like pork ribs.


But on a closer look the ‘fat” layers is removed
it reveals the jackfruit lobes and fibers inside.

A chameleon is what the Vegan Lechon Kawali is.
It was made from textured vegetable protein made to
look and taste like the real thing. It has everything on
it, from the chewy flesh, al layer of fat and crunchy skin.

The Vegan Adobo also looked and tasted like
a real pork adobo. No one would ever suspect
it was made from textured vegetable protein.


One should never miss the Vegan Kare- Kare.
It looks exactly like the real thing, tastes like the
real thing- but the pork was made from natural
veggies, same TVP used in Vegan Lechon Kawali.


Indeed, healthy meatless dining has
never been this delicious and satisfying.

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