Saturday, March 7, 2020

Giligan’s VistaMall

Giligan’s VistaMall 

Giligan’s is one of our favorite restaurants
and we were happy when they opened at
VistaMall Naga which is close to home.


We were delighted that this is probably their
biggest and most beautiful branch in Naga.

My young son was happy as they
have the most extensive collection
of miniature models of galleons-

….ships and yachts on display,

…compared to their
other branches in Bicol.


We have already returned several
 times to Giligan’s Vistamall -


and we keep on coming back for more just to
satisfy our cravings for their classic Pinoy dishes
like the delicious Sinigang, may it be pork-


… or seafood.


Seafood is Giligan’s specialty so one should not
miss their melt in the mouth Grilled Tuna Belly,


…the very delicious Fish Fillet Oriental
which suspiciously tasted like a healthier
seafood version of their very popular sisig.


Giligan’s Sizzling Gambas is one yummy dish
that kept us coming back to this restaurant.


…so is the sweet and tangy Sweet and Sour Fish.


It was love at first bite for us forthe Bangus Salpicao 
and this dish would keep us coming back in the future.

Aside from seafood, they also serve excellent
meat dishes like the juicy Roasted Chicken,

…the tasty and savory Salt and Pepper Pork,


…and of course, one should never miss
their original uber delicious Crispy Sisig.

Giligan’s Vista Mall is their third  branch in Naga. 


With the delicious food they serve,
we would not wonder  why if  we see
more branches opening in the future.
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