Saturday, March 21, 2020

Covid19 Pandemic Dining and Shopping

Covid19 Pandemic Dining and Shopping 

Under home quarantine, with restaurants closed
and getting out of the house is restricted and scary,
we are fortunate as we still shopping and dining
because of on line modern technology in Naga City.



Food Panda,


…and its take-off Pandadelivery are
operational and ready to satisfy your
cravings from you favorite restaurants.


Hungrily's Community Mart,  

had taken a step  ahead by 
 partnering with LCC Supermarket,


… and other utility services to deliver-

…everything you need while quarantined.


No need to go to the supermarket and drugstore
as Pandadelivery would also do it for you.


Download their Apps now to keep you family Covid19 free
while locked safely in the comfort  your in your homes.

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