Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Giant Choco- Chip Birthday Cookie: A Covid19 Birthday Series 3

Giant Choco- Chip Birthday Cookie
A Covid19 Birthday Series 3

Choco- chip cookies are Tim’s
favorite snack and dessert;

…his passion and addiction.

So when he learned ho to bake them,
he never ran out of cookies at home.

During his birthday during theCovid19 pandemic 
quarantine, aside from baking his own birthday cake,

…ha baked himself a giant
Choco- Chip birthday cookie,

…as big as a dining plate,

.... with real Hershey’s Kisses as choco- chips.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Birthday Candle Snuffing

Birthday Candle Snuffing
A Covid19 Birthday Series 2

The Covid19 Pandemic totally
changed everyone’s lifestyle.


With the thought of spreading the corona
virus thru droplet and airborne infection-


…blowing birthday candle is a thing in the past.


This also brought back something
from the past-  candle snuffing.


We were fortunate to have bought antique
candle snuffers during our past trips in Europe.


Being Tim’s birthday- 


…we decided to use a dainty red candle snuffer
we bought in an antique shop in Athens, Greece.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Covid19 Birthday: A Covid19 Birthday Series 1

Covid19 Birthday
A Covid19 Birthday Series 1

Celebrating birthday during the Covid19 Pandemic is
a humbling experience, and Tim has been playing his
passion of becoming a Pastry Chef  while on quarantine.


He has self taught to bake various
pastries for the last few weeks-

… and has been doing amazing job.

He grew up having l birthday cakes
baked by professional cake stylists-

…this time however was different.


Young Tim baked his own birthday cake,



…not as grand as his birthday cakes in the past,


Saturday, May 16, 2020

Yellow Cheesecake: Covid19 Quarantine Baking Series 14

Yellow Cheesecake 
Covid19 Quarantine Baking Series 14 

The Covid19 quarantine made my young
son Tim discovered his knack for baking
and tried his hand on cake baking again.

It was a creamy cheesecake.


He was a little bit disappointed as the
cake peripheries were a bit overcooked,

…but the core was creamy,
cheesy and very delicious.

He baked another cheesecake for his
birthday using a different cake mold,

…and it turned out well.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Three Cookie Varieties in a Day: Covid19 Quarantine Baking Series 13

Three Cookie Varieties in a Day 
Covid19 Quarantine Baking Series 13

The Covid19 quarantine made a self taught pastry chef out 
of Tim, my very young son,and he has been baking almost 
everyday as there is really nothing much to do at home.

Today, however has been his most prolific day
as he was able to bake three cookie varieties.

His favorite Choco- chip Cookies,

…Chocolate- button topped Cookies.

…and the Fork Flattened Cookies.

 Everything was perfectly baked.

As the sights and scents of freshly-baked cookies
permeated every nook and corner of our house,

… it was  a Cookie Festival galore

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Creamy Butter Cake: Covid19 Quarantine Baking Series 12

Creamy Butter Cake
Covid19 Quarantine Baking Series 12

After repeatedly baking cookies,



…and Brownies,

Young Chef Tim, finally tried his hands
in baking a cake for the very first time.

He goggled and chose a Butter Cake recipe.  

It was s simple and basic cake,

…and turned out to be a perfectly backed,

…very moist,

…and very creamy Butter Cake.

Excellent, for a first timer.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Perfecting Soft Baked Chocochip Cookies: Covid19 Quarantine Baking Series 11

Perfecting Soft Baked Chocochip Cookies
Covid19 Quarantine Baking Series 11

Young Tim’s favorite part of being a chef, is
 the patient waiting while savoring the aroma,

…of the cookies are baking is the oven.

The best thing of baking his own cookies,

…enjoying the fruits of his labor.