Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Chocolate Muffins: Covid19 Quarantine Baking Series 3

Chocolate Muffins
Covid19 Quarantine Baking Series 3 

The Covid19 Pandemic quarantine
gave a lot of time for my young son
Tim, to hone his pastry baking skill-


…and gained much confidence in the kitchen.


This time, he decided,
to bake chocolate muffins.


When all the ingredients
 were mixed together-



…it produced a thick, very rich
chocolatey and aromatic dough,


…that was good enough to eat.



But after baking,




…the moist chocolate muffin,



…smelled so good,


…and tasted so good as well.



Freshly baked chocolate muffins,


…ready for snacking.

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