Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ancol Epic Cable Park: Jakarta, Indonesia Series 5

Ancol Epic Cable Park
Jakarta’s Hip Wake Park
(Jakarta, Indonesia Series 5) 

Ancol’s Epic Cable Park was not in our itinerary  
as we didn’t know Jakarta had its own wake park.

But while we were on board the cable car that
they call Gondolas, we caught a glimpse of
a water sports facility which was unmistakably 
a beautiful, brand new cable wake park.

My daughter’s face lit up with a very happy smile,
and without saying, I knew that we had to bid
goodbye to our Bandung side trip to give way
for her to wake board at the Epic Cable Park.

So the next day, after visiting Dufan, 
we trooped to the Epic Cable Park,

The cable park was brand new,
only about a year old.

There were only very few people around, 

…and it was fine as my daughter would be able
to maximize her time wake boarding,
rather than queuing in line for a ride.

Soon enough,
 she was hitting the wake lake.


The facility was not as massive as CWC 
(CamSurWatersports Complex) back home,

File:CWC Aerial.jpg

… as it did not have a center island  that serves
as a barrier from the waves  and ripples created
by the riders to give them smoother rides,

…it also did not have a beach, so fallen riders
had to stay in the middle of the lake where  they
would be picked up by a jet ski back to the base,

…which my daughter found hip and cool.

The wake park lake, was not a lake
 but  actually a salt water cove, 

....was rather small so the riders have 
to cruise closer to the shore,

What my daughter love with this wake board 
park are the all new fiberglass obstacles,


…for a smoother and easier maneuverability
when performing  tricks and stunts.

There are several viewing areas where
guests can watch the wake boarders-
like the wave breaker by the lakeside, the main entrance
 and by the sidewalk,

…and on the upper level of the wooden
building that serves as a reception  area.

Guests may also view the wake boarding 
action at the several benches and ledges
 the boardwalk  near the rider's shack.


There was also a beautiful restaurant
nearby that also offers a perfect view
of the riders and the wake board park.

And just across is the Putri Duyung 
that offers nice accommodations and
various water sports to Ancol guests.

It rained hard during our visit at the 
Ancol Epic Cable Park that I wasn’t
able to take more photos of the facility
\while my daughter was wake boarding,

…but otherwise, the bad weather did not
stop her from having fun at the wake park.

Ancol's Epic Cable Park will forever be etched
in our memories as it was the very first
wake board facility that my young daughter
played outside the Philippines-