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Ancol Dreamland: Jakarta, Indonesia Series 6

Ancol Dreamland Jakarta
Indonesia’s Fun Capital
(Jakarta, Indonesia Series 6)

We divided tour Jakarta trip to two phases.

First, the Fun Phase from November 10 to 13
where we stayed in Mercure Hotel Ancol
Ancol Dreamland in northern Jakarta,

…and second, the Cultural Immersion Phase
from November 13 to 17 wherein we will be staying
in Hotel Manhattan in central Jakarta

…and where I would be attending a medical convention
in the nearby  Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan,

Day 1

Our day one was lost to delayed flights from Manila
that we arrived past midnight in Jakarta.

We took a Silver Bird Taxi and we arrived at
almost 2 AM at Mercure Hotel- Ancol 

The hotel had a huge beautiful lobby,

…and luckily the check in was fast and easy
and we were able to immediately
get the much needed rest and sleep.

We had huge a two bedroom suite
which was old a needing renovation,

…but otherwise very clean
and comfortable.

Day 2

We woke late the next day, 

…and had a late breakfast  at the
Sunda Kelapa Restaurant  that had
a wonderful spread at  the buffet.

Shortly after breakfast, were we’re on
our way to explore Ancol Dreamland.

I could liken Ancol Dreamland to Sentosa  
in Singapore  as both facilities are  seaside 
multi-  tourism complex composed of posh hotels, 

…Theme Parks, 

…Water Parks,

…Water sports facilities,

…Golf Course,

…prisitine beaches,

…and various restaurants and commercial
establishments catering to tourists.

We had a leisurely walk from the hotel
to the Gondola station,


… where we took a cable car
ride  to Sea World Indonesia.


It is on this cable car ride where we discovered
the Ancol Wake Park that brought a huge smile
to my daughter and we knew that we had
to include it in our itinerary.


The kids enjoyed the various aquariums
of all shapes and sizes in Sea World,

..and we later moved to Ocean Dream Samudra
for the rides and fabulous animal and stunt shows.

The kids had a blast of good time
on the two the parks 

....and we took the cable car ride back to the hotel, tired
 but happy and enjoying our first outing in the city.

We intended to d dine out in an Indonesian restaurant
in Ancol but found out that the Sunda  Kelapa at the
Mercure Hotel was having and all Indoniesion Cuisine
for their dinner buffet, so we decided to dine there,


…and discovered that Indonesian food,
 except for the curry, are so much like our Pinoy
dishes, especially our regional  Bicolano dishes.

They even look and sound alike as well.

Day 3

We woke up a lot earlier on our 3rd day,
had an early breakfast at the buffet,

...and the kids found time to enjoy the wonderful
outdoor and indoor playgrounds at the hotel.

We then took the free shuttle bus  
from Mercure Hotel, Dunia Fantasi or Dufan, Jakarta’s local version
of Disneyland where we spent the whole day -

…enjoying the theme park rides and shows.

We left the Dufan at 4 PM, took the free shuttle
to Epic Cable Park for a late afternoon wake boarding.

My daughter who loves wake boarding had a blast
of good time at the new and very hip wake board park.

She particulary enjoyed being fetched by a jetski
whenever she falls off  far from  the base.

It rained hard that day but the bad weather did not
dampen her enthusiasm to enjoy the wake park.

We returned to the hotel and
had dinner by room  service.

The food served was superb
and everything tasted very good.

I would rate Mercure Hotel’s food, from the
room service to the restaurant buffet a triple AAA
from service, menu,  taste, and quality.

 Day 4

It would be our last day in Ancol, and the
last day of our Fun Phase of the tour
before we move to Central Jakarta.

Check out time at Mercure was  at 12 noon and
we had an early breakfast at the buffet area.


I went swimming with the kids at the
hotel’s fabulous water park- like pools,
as my wife packed our luggage in the room.

The Mercure Hotel’s swimming pools are incomparable.
It had huge, beautiful main swimming pool,


…and two kiddie pools with lots of
water spouts and pool fountains,

…and another pool with terrific water slides
which the kids enjoyed very much.

We had to cut short our stay in this wonderful 
happy place as we had to check out at noon.

 We hired a Silver Bird Van,
and we were off to our next destination,

…to Hotel Manhattan in Central Jakarta.
for the cultural phase of our tour.

We’re missing Ancol Dreamland already

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