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Manhattan Hotel Jakarta: Jakarta, Indonesia Series 7

Manhattan Hotel, Jakarta 
Modern Hotel with a Magnificent View
(Jakarta, Indonesia Series 7)

We arrived in Hotel Manhattan in Central Jakarta
from Ancol, the northern part of the city where
we were booked from November 13 to 17.

The hotel’s cavernous lobby had a sleek
and modern contemporary ambiance ,

…and was reeking with a very strong scent
of air freshener that irritated our nose and
our eyes and luckily, our senses adjusted
with the annoying scent after a while.

I have earlier tried to reserve a bigger one- bedroom suite 
and e- mailed to hotel several times, but the biggest room that
  they could offer our family was the Mars and Venus Suite.

The front desk was rather busy and took time
for us to check in as they couldn’t find our name.

I had to call the Philippine based travel agent who
 booked us in the hotel and it was the only time that they
found our pre- booked room and pretty soon, we
were on our way up to our suite on the 25th floor.

The overwhelming tea- like scent was still
nauseatingly strong at the corridors,

…and thankfully, it did not extend into our room.


The Mars and Venus Suite where we stayed
was a very beautiful and spacious modern room,

...located at the corner of the building that had 
huge panoramic windows and offered beautiful 
sweeping views of the bustling city of Jakarta.

The view was even more
spectacular at night.

It had a huge king sized bed,

... but looked rather small compared to other
regular king sized beds, so we asked for
an extra bed where we could sleep in.

It had a comfy sofa at the sitting area,

Which was moved by the window when
the housekeeping staff added another bed.

There  was a working table that doubles
 as a vanity area in one corner of the room.

The suite room had a very spacious
see- thru closet, 

...and a really huge luxurious bathroom.

 The view on the bathroom was spectacular as there
 was a  huge panoramic window by the bathtub.


The toilet had a fabulous twin lavatories and
supplied generously with  luxurious toiletries.

It also had a huge and
 beautiful shower room.

This is probably the hotel that has the most
modern,  beautiful  and scenic bathroom among
 the hotels that we have ever stayed in the past.

The room had a huge LCD TV,

....a well equipped kitchen
and well stocked mini bar.

There were three land line telephones the room-
  so connectivity was not a problem at all.
The first was  in the working table,

...second as on the bedside,

...and the third one in the bathroom.


It is also equipped with free
and fast Wi Fi connection.


The hotel is centrally located at the heart of the city and within
 walking distance to most of the major upscale hotels in the
Kuningan area like Oakwood, Mandarin and Ritz Carlton Hotels,
 all of which are visible on our hotel's panoramic windows.

It  stands just beside a magnificent 
upscale mall called Kunignan City,

...that offers a lot of upscale stores,

...and famous high end brands in fashion that we found
 too expensive and something that ordinary people 
like us traveling on a budget would not be able afford. 


The hotel also has a scenic infinity pool on the
 8th floor that worried me a little bit as it appears
 like it was hanging  at the edge of the building.

It reminded me of the very scenic infinity pool
of Oriental Hotel Legazpi  back home where the kiddie
pool was located just right at the edge of the building,

Source: https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/11287_10151551298411756_238364599_n.jpg

...and did not have any protective barrier that kids
swimming could fall two floors below down the driveway.

I asked the hotel staff if the pool is safe for kids and
there no danger for them to fall eight floors below
and the answer was affirmative.  The pool is safe.
There was apparently a garden down the ledge
and the infinity pool was just in optical illusion.

I wasn’t  able to take more photos of the pool and the kids
also didn’t use or had a chance to swim the facility as it was
 always raining during  the five days that we stayed in the hotel. 

The hotel also had a beautiful spa,

...and a well equipped gym that I got to use
Frequently as I wanted to burn the extra calories
 that I have been heavily consuming during this trip.


Central Park Cafe.

Central  Park Cafe  on the third floor of the hotel offers
a decent spread of dishes for their breakfast buffet.

It also had a wide and varied choices of
 local and international dishes in their menu,


... for the restaurant’s all day
 a’la carte dining.


There were other restaurants in the hotel but weren’t able
to try them as we were always  exploring the city and would
only return to the hotel  to rest and sleep at night .

But otherwise, the food was good-
and the quality was excellent.

Hotel Manhattan is a beautiful modern hotel 
classified as a five star hotel,

....that offers comfortable and affordable accommodation
right a the heart of Jakarta’s business district. 

Hotel Manhattan is rated as a 5 Star Hotel 
and had a very  central location in Jakarta.  
That’s the main plus factor of the hotel. 

The Mars and Venus Suite where we stayed
was spacious, modern, comfortable and had
scenic bathrooms with luxurious amenities.
It had several non- 5 star service flaws though.

It took them very long to find our reservation
and the front desk immediately rejected me
saying they are fully booked and did not exert
extra effort to look for my pre- reserved room. 

I had to call our Philippine based travel agent
to locate our reservation, it was them that gave
me my room number  and that was the only
time the front desk clerk gave us our room.

The hotel had a very irritatingly strong 
herbal scent that was not comforting anymore
and gives you a feeling that you are in an herbal 
apothecary office rather than being in a hotel.

The hotel had to train their staff to respect
the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. 
While I leave the hotel at 6:30 am to attend
the 7 AM session of the medical convention, 
the rest of my family wakes up late but the
housekeeping keeps on repeatedly pestering 
and waking them up if it’s okay of clean the room.

Sometimes, being uber fussy and uber persistent
to give your best could also be uber annoying. 

It is an irritatingly beautiful hotel.

Despite these minor irritants, we still enjoyed
our stay at the gorgeous Hotel Manhattan.

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  1. Liked the interior of the apartment. Looks cool. Thanks for sharing.

    Manhattan extended stay

    1. The hotel had a very modern interiors. It had a very chic and cool design. I agree with you.

  2. Wow, the food looks really delicious! Is that Viennese Schnitzel? And the interior and exterior look amazing too. Sadly, you have to sell your first new-born in order to pay for your stay in Manhattan in some hotel like that. Just check the prices - http://new-york.hotelscheap.org/midtown-manhattan.html . I now really want to go to Jakarta.

    1. You will be surprised, hotels this category is pretty affordable in Jakarta. No, there is no Viennese schnitzel in the picture, but you are right in saying that the food is delicious.

      We've been to Manhattan, New York in the past and indeed, hotels are pretty expensive in NY.

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. Hotel Manhattan Jakarta seems to be a an amazing experience to stay in, with the best of services and amenities offered to its customers its the best in the range of hotels in industry whether for a businessmen or a student traveler its also one of the renowned budget hotels Manhattan.

    1. Indeed.

      Hotel Manhattan Jakarta is a pretty comfortable and affordable hotel.

      They just have to tone down the herbal air freshener in the lobby as it was irritatingly strong.

  4. That place reminds me of the Tribeca Hotel in NYC.

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