Thursday, November 7, 2013

Awesome Feast at CWC Clubhouse Awesome CWC Series 3

Awesome Feast at CWC Clubhouse 
Awesome CWC Series 3

Some Bicolano locales may not be aware
of the fact, that CWC, despite being a very
popular destination internationally, is also
one of the best dining destinations in Bicol.

I always look forward on dining at CWC
as they have a wide choice of delicious
entries in the Clubhouse menu.


On cold late afternoon at the boardwalk, nothing
can beat having  their noodle soup selections.
 I particularly like their Chicken Noodle Soup 
and their  tasty Wonton Noodle Soup
that I have always ordered in the past,

…but the waiter misheard my order that  he served
me a bowl of Beef Noodle Soup- but it was okay.
 It was just as tasty but still, there is nothing better
than having a good old, piping, hot bowl of
Chicken Noodle soup on a cold and balmy afternoon.

CWC also served yummy and succulent
Dumplings and my personal favorites are
the chewy and tasty Pork Siomai

…and the very delicious Shrimp Dumplings,

One of our favorite dishes in CWC is the popular
Mexican delicacy, the Arroz a’la Cubana
that comes with a deliciously spiced rice,
sweetish ground pork, topped with fried egg
and served with  fried ripe bananas.

While I have glowingly raved  in my past blog about
Gerry’s Grill’s  reinvention of adobo thru their
delicious  Adobo Pork Ribs,- as our country’s  best bet
for this Iconic dish to be internationally recognized,

^^^Gerry's Grill's Adobo Pork Ribs,

  …but CWC  beat them to that by just modifying
the Pork Adobo , sans the greasy subcutaneous fat,
 hideous black oily sauce but retaining the original
 classic sautéed soy sauce taste and
it was served over a bowl of white rice.

My young son’s meal is not complete without
a fish so we ordered Sinanglay na Tilapia for him.
What is unique with this sinanglay dish is that
the fish was fried before being cooked in “gata’
or coconut milk and the pre- frying added
an extra texture and chewiness on the  fish.

CWC Clubhouse is a great culinary destination
In this tremendously popular resort that every
 tourist visiting CamSur and Bicol must try.

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