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Geewan; Great Bicol Dishes Fast and Tasty

Geewan Centro
Great Bicol Dishes Fast and Tasty

Geewan is a part of Naga based
Graceland  chain of restaurants, 

…that includes Baker’s Plaza
a very popular bakeshop chain
with branches in almost all cities
and major towns in Bicol,

...Graceland, a popular fast food chain
in the region that rivals franchised national and
multinationals like Jollibee and McDonalds,

…and Red Platter, their more upscale fine dining
restaurant in Magsaysay Avennue in Naga City

Geewan is an elegantly designed tidy Turo- turo
where diners can get affordable ready to eat
dishes without having to worry about
having a dubious sanitary standard.

It is the place to go for CamSur tourists
 wanting to have a no frills  feast on
sumptuous Bicolano dishes fast and easy.

There is a wide array of  pre cooked
various Bicolano and Filipino dishes
displayed in a glass enclosed counter,

…where diner could choose their orders
and served directly to them after being
re- heated in a microwave oven.


We chose to dine on Geewan  after attending
an anticipated mass on a  Saturday night
and we were in a hurry to go home.

I never fail to order their Bulalo as the
beef broth was so tasty and perfect as
a meal starter and as a main viand as well.

The Lechon Paksiw is a must try as there
is just a  perfect hint of sourness of vinegar
without overwhelming  the slightly sweetish dish.

I am addicted to their Fried Lumpiang Ubod
and I would highly recommend this dish
but was not available at that time  so we settled
for Lumpiang Shanghai which is just as tasty.

Our family meal is not complete
without a fish for my young son
and we had a Fried Boneless Bangus
which just like any other fish dishes,
my son gobbled it up with gusto.

We also tried another fish dish which is
Sinaglay na Tuna a re invention of a
popolar Bicolano dish traditionally using Tilapia
 instead of tuna and everyone liked it.

And of course, one should not miss their
very popular Pinangat that is made of
chopped young crablets and wrapped
in gabi leaves and simmered with gata.

This iconic Bicolano dish and other Geewan 
Bicol delicacies are available frozen for those 
who want to bring them home as 'pasalubong'.

Geewan is a popular dining destination
for CamSur tourists wanting to sample
local cuisine fast and easy but affordable.

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