Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Prague, The Most Beautiful City in the World

The Most Beautiful City in the World

We have been to so many great cities in the world
and we have always been impressed 
by their grandeur and beauty.

I always judge the city for its service efficiency 
cleanliness and most importantly-
its unique character,
rather than  modernity.

…at first we thought San Francisco
was the most beautiful city in the world...

…then our interest shifted to New Orleans
as these two cities have unique characteristics…
that  look and feel different  
from  other typical American cities.

There was a time we thought it was Paris
It was a lovely city- as you are surrounded
by the charm and flair of the old world.

…then it was the whitewashed city of Athens.
Imagine being immersed in history of an ancient city
where you see magnificent ruins even on subway walls…

We also considered quaint university town of Boston
as the most beautiful city we’ve ever seen.
It as a very old fashioned and laid back city
but pulsing with youthful energy because
of its numerous student population...

…and when we visited the Czech republic,
for my family, this time- it was Prague

From the scenic train ride
from Berlin

….to the beautiful historic Hotel Golden Star
where we stayed…

Source: http://www.hotelgoldenstar.cz/

…they set the mood on what to expect
of our five day stay in Prague.

We arrived on a Sunday in Prague
so we set off to look for the Sto. Nino Shrine
and to attend a mass…

It was located down the Royal Lane,
few blocks away from our hotel.

Source: http://www.hotelgoldenstar.cz/

We marveled on the old buildings
on the way to the church.

Buildings during the 12th and 13th century Prague
are identified by the figures 
(rather by numbers)  in front of them

...like the Golden Eagle Building, 

...the Golden Key,


...and the Golden Wheel
to name a few.

The walk to the church 
was exhilarating,,,

Everywhere you look at  are nothing but beautiful
Gothic and Renaissance buildings.

Every nook and cranny of Prague is photogenic-
making it very difficult to decide where to pose
and where to take pictures…

The Sto. Nino de Prague is enshrined
at the Church of Our Lady Victorious

…we marveled at the 
magnificence of the church.

We couldn’t take picture of the image
as there was a mass going on…

File:Child Jesus of Prague (original statue).jpg

on our way out,  we were amused to see
a Filipino store located across the church.

…we walked around the crystal shops…

…shopped for some shoes and clothes
that would fit the cold autumn weather

…as we returned to our beautiful hotel
to have dinner…

…and rest in our homey hotel room.

Source: http://www.hotelgoldenstar.cz/

Prague on foot

We took a packaged bus city tour 
on our second day in Prague.

By the time we stopped 
on our first itinerary 
which is the Prague Castle-

...we realized that there are so 
many places in the city
that could not be reached by a bus…

…and we would be missing
a lot of sights,

The whole city is just walking distance
from one historical site to another.

...so we decided to hop out of the bus
and do the touring  ourselves on foot
in our own pace…

…and our own time.

We got down and the from 
Prague Castle Complex

...and found ourselves
 in front of the Hotel Golden Star.

This great little hotel 
is so centrally located...

...and we walked our way to the
Charles Bridge,

...the Old Town Square,

...the Wenceslas Square,

…and to other marvelous sites
in the city.

Being in Prague is like  being taken back in time
of Kings and  Queens, Princes and Princesses 
and Knights of shining armor.

The experience of seeing Prague’s
Bohemian past in the present time
where modernity rules…

...is something that my family
would treasure for a very, very long time.

We’re definitely 
coming back to Prague.


We have dined at several restaurants in Prague
but there are two restaurants
that we have tremendously enjoyed …

at the Royal Lane  on Nerudova 

Bonaparte is a restobar inspired
by Napoleon Bonaparte

...and decorated with what appears to
be guns and armories
used by the French warrior.

Bonaparte gave us a generous serving 
of hot freshly baked bread

...delicious salads

...healthy vegetarian dishes,

...and delicious, classic 
European sausages.

Their French Fries were so good
that we decided to order another serving

Leone and Anna Restaurant
Malostranske Namesti 11
Prague 11800Czech Republic

Leone and Anna Restaurant
Is a beautiful restaurant

with interiors inspired by
Marlon Brando’s hit- the Godfather

They served a great 
tasting trout dish

…and creamy 
hot chocolate.

...enough to perk you up 
on a cold autumn weather.

how we love the lovely Prague
and how we miss being away
from the most beautiful city in the world.

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