Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pizza Hut’s Seafood Pizza

Pizza Hut’s Seafood Pizza 

We came to Pizza Hut to celebrate our new
Medical Technologist’s passing the licensure
examination and we ordered a group meal,

…that came with two family sized pizza.

However the Seafood Pizza on the menu caught my
attention, so I ordered one with stuffed crust variety.

It was a huge handsomely baked pizza
with a generous toppings of crab sticks,

…shrimps, fish nuggets, squid, onion rings, mushrooms and
 bell peppers lying in a thick bed of mozzarella cheese.


The crust edges was stuffed with a thick and
stringy mozzarella that oozes out on a bite.

It was extremely delicious and very addicting. 


Surprisingly, despite being a seafood

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Richmonde Hotel Ortigas; Gloomy, Outdated Hotel

Richmonde Hotel Ortigas 
Gloomy, Outdated Hotel 

We arrived at almost noontime at Richmonde Hotel Ortigas
after a short, albeit very delayed plane ride from Naga City. 

It was about ten years ago when my family last stayed in this hotel,
and itl appeared exactly the way I remember it in the past.

The moderately sized once beautiful lobby
looked old and tired needing renovation,


…the ambiance was gloomy and unwelcoming.

Check in was a breeze, the people
at the front desk were friendly,

..and we were immediately on our way,



... to our room at the 15th floor.


Ours was a Superior Room that looked old and dull.

It had two twin beds, enough for a family of four,
they were firm and very comfortable.

It had a huge flat screen TV,

..a working and reading desk.

…an empty closet, save for the electronic safe.


It had a kettle for a coffee maker at the 
minibar and a small empty refrigerator.

It had a moderately sized toilet,

…an old tired looking bathtub and shower,

…provided with basic amenities,

….and sufficient toiletries.

The room had huge, floor to ceiling panoramic windows,
 with a depressing view of  abandoned, melancholic 
looking buildings on all sides- front to back,


…top to bottom.

The room had three landline phones-
the first one at the bedside,

...the second one on the study table,

…and a third one in the toilet.

The Wi Fi connection was very fast and complimentary.

However. the room's sorrowful ambiance  left us feeling depressed
 and unhappy, so I called the nearby EDSA Shangri La and inquired 
if they had any vacancy and fortunately answered positively.

We moved in to a better room without checking out as it was 
a prepaid  three- night stay, and the Richmonde Hotel keys 
were left lying unused in our EDSA Shangri La Suite.


The only time we laid eyes on Richmonde Hotel is by 
looking at it from our hotel window and EDSA Shangri- La,


....and after we checked out 3 days later
 without ever using the room.



The Richmonde Hotel Ortigas is centrally located
at the  booming Ortigas Central Business Disrtrict.

It is walking distance from major
malls like Shangri- la Plaza Mall,

… the SM Megamall.

...and the St Francis Square.


I believe, the Richmonde Hotel Ortigas’ saving
grace is its beautiful heated indoor swimming pool.

They also have a well equipped Gym,

…and a business center all located on the same level.


Breakfast Buffet
Richmonde Café

The breakfast buffet is served at a beautiful
Richmonde Café  located at the hotel’s second level.

We did not get to dine here as we moved to EDSA Shangri La
but I still clearly  remember that they have a decent spread in  the 
breakfast buffet  during our stay here about ten years ago.

Lobby Bar

Lobby Lounge is a nice place to unwind, and relax for a drink or two.

The Exchange

The Exchange is located just at
the entrance of Richmonde Café,

…and offers the same menu as the latter.


Richmonde Hotel Ortigas is an affordable, four star  
budget hotel centrally located at the bustling Ortigas Center.


The rooms a clean, comfortable and spacious,
but old, outdated and needing a renovation.


We were booked for three days
but the hotel’s gloomy ambiance, 


…and the forlorn view of abandoned buildings from
 our room left us feeling  depressed and claustrophobic,


...so we moved the nearby Edsa Shangri- La.

The Richmonde Hotel keys were left lying
unused for three days in our Shangri La suite,


...until we checked out 3 days later
without using  the room at all.