Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chili Peppers: Huge Servings for Huge Appetites; Binge Eating Series 4

Chili Peppers 
Huge Servings for Huge Appetites
(Binge Eating Series 4)  
My eldest daughter has been craving to dine in Chili Peppers 
in Avenue Square, but since we only dine every week- end there
 were just too many places to dine and to little time to dine out .

So one Sunday, we kept our promise to her
that we will be dining at Chili Peppers once again.

I was a hot a humid day,

...and we arrived in the restaurant  almost 3 o’clock PM.

Thankfully, Chili Peppers was wint’ry cold
with all the huge air-conditioning units
running full blast that we have to request to
adjust the thermostat to a lower level.

Since it takes a little time to prepare the main dish-
we ordered Chorizo Fundado for an appetizer.
It is made of a stringy pungent chorizo Pamplona
and tastes a lot like mini pepperonis bathing
and thick and chewy mozzarella cheese.

It took a while for our orders to come so
my daughter busied herself reading the Great Gatsby,

…while my young son played 
with his toy robot,

.and had enough time to bond
 with his mom.

It also gave me a chance to take photos
of the beautiful restaurant.

When our most awaited lunch came at almost 4 PM-
 they came in really unbelievably HUGE servings.
We were inestimably famished and
our appetites were insatiably enormous

My daughter ordered the very delicious Jurassic Ribs,
which is a Chili Peppers Classic as it was an old
recipe since the resto opened n Naga in the mid 90’s.
It is still sthe same crispy ribs in the outside
and very juicy and tender and tasty flesh in the inside.

My son ordered a Mediterranean Pork Chops
which was served with two huge slabs
of perfectly grilled pork chops
and a generous serving of rice which I believe
made yellow by just a perfect dash of turmeric
with just enough spice that even kids could tolerate.

My wife ordered an old time favorite
of  Inihaw na Pork Ribs with Sinanag.
The 100 oz grilled prime cut pork  ribs
was served with Java Rice and
Tomato- eggplant salad.
It was Pinoy and was so delicious.


While I feasted on the best tasting Lechon Kawali
in this part of the world and it was perfectly fried,
the skin was crispy and even the fatty belly was edible.
It was served with Pakbet Veggies and
the oh- so delicious Bagoong Rice.

Since the food came in huge servings,
everyone were not able to finish their food
and I ended pigging- up everything
that was left unconsumed by my wife and kids.

gourmet Coffee- Anyone?

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