Saturday, May 11, 2013

First Wakeboarding Lesson, CWC Winch Park

 First Wakeboarding Lesson
at the Beginner's Lake, CWC Winch Park

My young son Timothy finally got our permission
to try his first wakeboarding lesson this summer.

So off we went to the CamSur Watersports Complex's

Beginner's Lake at the Winchpark late in the afternoon
 to avoid the crowd and the intense summer heat.

We watched at the lakeside as he and his older sister 
Nicole,( who now wakeboards like a pro) sat on a queue
 together with other wakeboarding newbies.

Waiting for his turn with Ate
They later stood in unison when they were told
by the operator that they are next in line
to prepare for Tim's very first ride

 He's up nest to the Caucasian beginer

When his turn came, he excited;y positioned
himself for the very first ride of his life.


Then, it was time for a countdown-
Ready, Get Set, Go!

...and there he-

But no one is too young
for wake boarding at CWC


,,,as little boys could be taken 
for a joyride by the friendly CWC staff...

...or try again on the next turn-
...with his older sister Nicole right behind him,

...and be taken for an exciting  ride 
by a supportive Ate.


Indeed, learning how to wakeboard 
is more fun in CWC,

...and summer is more fun in CamSur

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