Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chicken Bacolod, Binge Eating Series1

Chicken Bacolod 
Puregold Mall Naga City
(Binge Eating Series 1)

It was one of those days that everybody worked late
everyone was tired after a hard days work,
and longing to unwind before going home.

It was a spur of the moment to treat our employees
to eat out as everyone was starving and rearing
to go home to eat dinner and have a much needed rest.

Off we trooped to Chicken Bacolod in Puregold Mall
all with famished stomachs and ravenous appetites.


Some may not know it, this restaurant serves
the best tasting Pancit Bato in Bicol-

…instead of a soup, it was served a starter and we all
voraciously downed four huge bowls of the soupy dish…

We paused to pray for a while 
(not to have a heart attack)
before the main dishes were served…


Panner after panner 
of barbecued goodies were served,

.... right before our  hungry 
predatory eyes.

Tasty and tangy Chicken Inasal-
chopped  and removed from the skewers
ready to be eaten and gobbled up…

Luscious Pork Liempo, taken from tender
pork belly, grilled to juicy perfection,


Pork Chops grilled
to ideal chewy tenderness…

Grilled Bacolod Longaniza
drained from fatty residues
but remained tasty and succulent.

They also serve the best tasting
Pork Barbecue in the whole world.

I have never seen an abundance of delicious
grilled meat dishes at so affordable price-
and nobody really noticed
that we have not ordered a single vegetable dish
 to neutralize the potentially lethal dinner.


In Chicken Bacolod, you may eat
 to your heart’s content…
without hurting your wallet,

…but be one should not eat with careless abandon
as the food in this wonderfully affordable restaurant
 may be budget friendly-


...but not necessarily heart friendly.

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