Sunday, May 26, 2013

KFC Original Fried Chicken Finger Lickin’ Good No More

KFC Original Fried Chicken
Finger Lickin’ Good No More
But Is There Anything Better?

I remember in the mid 1990’s when KFC opened in Naga Centro, 
(which later moved to SM City Naga in 2009)

They would always ask us for rice or roll to go  with their 
yummy, finger lickin’ goodoriginal KFC fried chicken.

We would always find the question unnecessary since  eating them by hands 
with the tasty  roll was the only way  to enjoy  the KFC Original Fried Chicken. 

And just like the majority of Filipino dinerswe would always 
choose ROLL (of course). Who would want to eat KFC Fried
 Chicken  with rice?It's like eating  Adobo with rolls, silly.

You can lick your fingers later to savor the eleven secret spices  
 used  to marinate their most sought after fried chicken.

In what I consider a major marketing blunder of KFC  
 in the Philippines, they took the roll out of their menu.

KFC Fried Chicken does not go well with rice-
and the poor Filipinos are left with no choice
but to eat the chicken with spoon and fork.


So it was goodbye to the finger lickin’ goodness -
as no one would want to look like a puppy
licking the spoon and the fork clean after eating.

Now the good thing is- they finally came out
with great chicken sandwiches like
the Zinger- hot and crispy chicken fillet
served between firm and tasty buns-


…and the Double Decker Sandwich,
made up of two slabs of Original Chicken
also served  sandwiched between tasty buns.

Taken together with their mushroom soup-

…KFC is still finger lickin’ good after all.
Who needs a spoon and a fork?

Bring the Rolls Back!


  1. We are currently in Naga City and to our horror, it was too late when we found out that rolls were not available in KFC Naga. We had to buy some dinner rolls at the supermarket.

    Funny but I cannot imagine a roll- less KFC.

    I should have read this blog earlier.

    1. Same lamentations here. We miss the rolls.

      Same strategy, we buy dinner rolls from the supermarket.

      The best tasting rolls are available at Dunkin Donuts. Buy the roll being used for their bunwich. Yum!.

  2. We were in CWC, CamSur and we came into this very modern mall with KFC and it was also too late when we found out that we were given rice balls wrapped in paper instead of dinner rolls. It was an OK combi. You just have to use spoon as the rice ball falls apart when you bite and the damn sticky rice grains get stuck in your palate and in between you teeth. Otherwise it was ok.

    Ted O'Keefe

    1. Incidentally, it was on the same mall that we saw McDonald's serving fried chicken with rice. It was pretty good tasting chicken. I have just gotten used to McDonald's being a hamburger store and they've got nothing to do with the fried chicken business so I found it damn weird.

      Ted O'Keefe

    2. I like that line. Rice grains sticking on your palate and in between teeth.

      That never happened to me though. Ha ha ha!