Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yellow Cab's Mrs. Hudson's Pizza

Yellow Cab’s 
Mrs Hudson Pizza

No protests are heard, no second thoughts.

Everybody in my family agrees whenever
we decide to eat in Yellow Cab-
everybody’s favorite pizza restaurant.

So when everyone chorused that there’s
a vacant parking space in Yellow Cab-
it’s everyone’s way of saying let’s dine there.

There is actually one very good reason
why we wanted to return to Yellow Cab-

…that is to try their new 
Mrs. Hudson’s Pizza.

Inspired by New York’s historic Hudson River
and named after Sherlock Holme’s landlady,

…this new pizza by Yellow Cab brings the classic
Italian American flavors and dubbed as a pizza
without a sauce but bursting with the flavor
of herbs, proscuitto and boursin cheese.

It also has a medley of toppings made of
fresh tomatoes, onions, tarragon, bacon
and a combination of premium cheeses.

We still ordered our all time favorites
like the Bacon Mango Folded Pizza
with bacon and mango of course, a blend
of premium cheese and scrambled eggs.

Juicy Galapeno Chicken Wings,

Creamy Chicken Alfredo Pasta garnished
with sautéed chicken strips and black olives

Savory Baked Potato Wedges
served with fat free garlic dip.

My son wanted a full rice meal
so we ordered one for him
at the nearby Bigg’s Diner.

Good thing with Yellow Cab
they deliver
 their best tasting pizza-  24/7

Isn't it time to call a 
(Yellow ) Cab now?

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