Thursday, May 23, 2013

Biggs' Extreme Burgers; Binge Eating Series 3

Bigg's Extreme Burgers
Bigg’s Diner, Pili
(Binge Eating Series 3)

On our way to Albay we decided
to dine in Bigg’s Pili,

It was 2 PM and we everyone was
craving for a much needed lunch.


While the rest of the family
wanted to eat the regular Bigg’s fares,

I have been wanting to try the new
offerings  of Bigg’s Extreme Burgers
but never had time and determination to do so.

Totoy, our driver had already eaten lunch
and I enticed him to binge
on these humongous burgers.

I ordered all the three new burgers
and we would be eating everything-
half for me and another half for him.


First came the Cheesy Mushroom
I’ve noticed that most of Biggs burgers
come with a soggy bread and comes in
a little bit salty for me.

Then came the Hawaiian Burger
It tasted better than the Cheesy Mushroom
as the saltiness was neutralized by the pineapple.
I was disappointed though as the photo
showed whole slice of pineapple on the sandwich
but what was served were pineapple tidbits
that gave an impression we were given leftovers.


While I wasn’t impressed with
the first two Extreme Burger versions,
but the Blue Cheese Burger is to die for.

Sans the soft, mushy hamburger bun,
the piquant blue cheese provided a perfect
pungent after taste to the rather tawdry and
mayonnaisy burgers that Bigg’s Diner is known for.

Finally, The Blue Cheese Burger gives me
a reason for me to crave for Biggs’s Diner .

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