Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Kuya J’s Halo Halo

Kuya J’s Halo Halo

Kuya J is one blockbuster restaurant since they
opened in Robinsons Place Naga’s Al Fresco-


…and it is their Halo- halo that kept people coming
back and piling up the queue at their waiting area.


We have already  tried all their Halo- halo flavors, but one 
thing I noticed-  it is not the  usual crushed- ice halo- halo 
where   you could  still bite crunchy bits and pieces of ice.


They use something that appears like finely shaved
synthetic ice, without the melt on the mouth feel
of crushed ice  that I find more refreshing as it
that the halo- halo’s uber sweetness as it melts.

The classic Chow King Halo- halo with
coarse crushed ice is still the best for me.

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Vista Cinemas’ Mini Donuts

Vista Cinemas’ Mini Donuts 

Vista Cinemas, aside from being
the grandest movie theater in Bicol,



…also offers some of the best
and yummiest movies snacks-

…and the Mini Donut is one of them.


These home made style donuts
are served in paper containers,


…sprinkled with either chocolate or
cinnamon flavored sugar powder-


…but whichever you choose,
both are deliciously addicting.


The good thing is- one could also buy the
donuts even if you’re not watching a movie,

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Café Adriatico: Classic Pinoy Dining

Café Adriatico 
Classic Pinoy Dining

Café Adriatico was named after the street it is located
near a small rotunda called Remedios Circle in Malate.
It served classic Spanish and Filipino dishes, and was
known for its excellent service and became very popular
with the rich and famous. It became an iconic place where
Manila’s elite, politicians, celebrities would commune.


We stumbled on one of its branches in Araneta Center
and we were happy as we didn’t have to go to Calle
Adriatico in Malate just to dine in this iconic restaurant.


Just like the original restaurant Café Adriatico in Gateway
had a rustic ambiance. The dark wood panels and antique
fixtures and the dim lighting created a nostalgic homey feel.

When we checked the menu and decided
to order their popular Filipino Classics.

We love ‘sinigang’ and we want one with just the right
sourness without making us wrinkle our faces in acerbic
disgust. This Sinigang na Bangus was just too sour to
be edible. No one touched it like it was a lethal potion.

The Bistek na Bangus was a perfect topping for the fragrant
rice. A classic Pinoy favorite where the beef was replaced with
boneless bangus,cooked is soy sauce with a hint of kalamansi
and topped with white onion, it is a healthy and yet tasty dish.


Of course, the Pakbet was very delicious. Made from
purposely overcooked mixed fresh vegetables, this
version however was soured by adding lots of tomatoes
that went well with just a hint of savory fish sauce.

The only meat dish we ordered was the Beef Kaldereta.
The beef was stewed in a thick paste of tomato sauce
to a melt in the mouth tenderness. The added a generous
amount of veggies that included potatoes and green peas.

Café Adriatico, despite the almost inedible sourness
of their Sinigang, I believe could still be considered a
showcase restaurant for delicious heritage Filipino dishes.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Korea House: Best Tuna Sashimi, Best Korean Restaurant in Naga.

Korea House
Best Tuna Sashimi, 
Best Korean Restaurant in Naga. 

It was one of our frequent dine out with our employees and
household staff when everyone agreed to try Korean dishes.

Korea House is Naga City’s best Korean restaurant,

…that offers a massive spread of Korean 
dishes, in their eat all you can buffet.

Indeed- there is no doubt that this is the place to go,
 if one wants to gorge out on authentic Korean food,

as it is owned by Koreans, and 
they also have Korean chefs.


All the while, we thought that nothing can beat
any sashimi coming from a Japanese restaurant
but when they served what probably the freshest,
and the creamiest tuna sashimi- we are hooked.


Korean’s do sashimi better than
Japanese at least in Naga City.

Korea House has a wonderful a la carte
 restaurant at KJA Hotel in Almeda.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Mr. Choi’s Kitchen:Chinese Dishes Galore

Mr. Choi’s Kitchen 
Chinese Dishes Galore

We stumbled upon Mr. Choi’s Kitchen at Robinson’s Galleria
while we were staying at the Holiday Inn which has a mall access.

We were starving and Chinese cuisine is one sure
way for my family for a delicious and hearty meal
as we love Chinese dishes. We decided to dine here. 

Mr. Choi’s Kitchen is a no frills Chinese
restaurant with modern Oriental interiors.

I always order Sago’t Gulaman whenever it is available.
This one had the most generous tapioca and grass jelly
in any sago’s gulaman versions I have tried in the past.


No Chinese meal is complete without a Wonton Soup.
The broth had a subtle yet tasty chicken soup flavor,
and the wontons are filled with generous meat filling-
no extenders. This soup would knock your socks off.


The Fried Spring Rolls was very good. Wrapped is 
rice wafer fried to perfection, the assorted vegetables
inside remained fresh, crunchy and not overcooked.


The Orange Chicken was divine. It isn’t a copycat
of the popular Panda Express version but this one
is just as irresistible. The breaded chicken was fried
to a crispy perfection and bathed with a sauce with a
flawless combination of sweet, sour and tangy flavors.


Of course the Roasting and Dimsum Combination 
is the best value meal one could have in this restaurant.


It was served with a crispy Peking Duck on one side,


…a Roasted Asado on the other side.


…and interspersed generous amount of assorted dumplings 
and cold cuts. It was heaven served in a huge platter.


It was our first time to dine in Mr. Choi’s Kitchen
but definitely, this would not be the last. We will be back.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

CocoNatz: Best of Bicol Cuisine

Best of Bicol Cuisine

CocoNatz is owned by Natz, a restaurateur, so it is
easy to assume the reason behind the Coco prefix
on his name. The restaurant specializes in Bicolano
dishes where coconut milk  is a staple ingredient.


It was our first time to dine here
so we didn’t know what to expect,


and it was a love at first sight for us-


 on the beautiful, airy and modern interiors.


We started our dinner with CocoNatz Ukoy as appetizer.
The fritters made with glutinous rice batter, shrimps,
finely shredded carrots and what appears to be sweet
potato deep dried to an addicting crispy perfection.


The Kare Kare had a thick savory peanut sauce,
topped with various fresh crunchy veggies with
beef and oxtail stewed to a gelatinous tenderness.


The Lechon Kawali tasted so good.
Tender and juicy inside while the skin
was deep fried to crispy perfection.


CocoNatz’ Sinaglay na Tilapia was cooked and prepared the
way it should be. The tilapia was initially burnt in coal with
scales intact. It was stuffed with chopped onions and tomatoes.
Stewed in “gata” with malunggay leaves, which together with
the burnt scales gives a delightful bitter aftertaste to the dish.


We loved the Tortang Talong. The eggplant was dipped
in an tasty egg mixture and fried into an omelette. It was
so delicious that we ordered another one to take home

While it was love at first sight for us for CocoNatz’ pleasing interiors
It was also love at first bite the their yummy true blue Bicolano dishes.