Tuesday, August 8, 2017

KJA Hotel’s Korean Restaurant: Delicious, Authentic Korean Dishes

KJA Hotel’s Korean Restaurant 
Delicious, Authentic Korean Dishes

It was love at first taste for authentic Korean food
when we dined at KJA Hotel’s Korean Restaurant,
located at the long lonely stretch of Almeda Hi- way.

The restaurant is owned by Koreans,
they had a bona fide Korean chef,
and they serve authentic Korean dishes.


They offer unlimited free servings
of Korean side dishes from Kimchi, 

…potatoes or Gamja Jorim,

…beef strips of Galbi jjim

…turnips or Mu Saeng Chae.

…and zucchinis or Oi Muchim.

The yummy side dishes were served
non- stop and they just kept on coming.


We started our meal with a Korean vegetable soup, 
whose name I could not recall. It was spicy and a
little bit briny, but neutralized by the abundance
of zucchinis giving it a pleasantly refreshing taste.

Being a traditional Korean dish, we ordered Bibimbap.
The steamed white rice was topped with fried egg, chewy
beef  strips, then  mixed with abundance of various fresh
and crunchy vegetables and finally sprinkled with sesame
seeds.  It was a delicious yet healthy dish- a must try, and
a must order dish to anyone dining in this restaurant.

The Ttukbaegi-bulgogi was also very delicious.
The beef was very tender, cooked with generous
amount of Enoki mushrooms and radish sprouts.

The Haemulpajeon or green onion pancake
was an instant hit for my family. It was more
of a tasty egg omelet made healthy  by adding
generous strips of fibrous green onion leaves.

It was served with Cho-gochujang, a spicy,
and sweetish- tangy Korean dipping sauce.


The Korean Fried Chicken was perfectly fried,
tender and juicy in the inside and very crispy on
the outside. I retained it addicting crunchiness
despite being glazed  with a delightfully spicy,
sweet and sour flavor that made the dish very tasty.


The Korean owners and chef were very gracious 
and made table rounds, greeting their diners,
making sure that we have everything we needed.

KJA Hotel’s Korean Restaurant serves
delicious, and authentic Korean dishes and a
welcome addition to Naga City’s culinary scene.

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  1. Hello. Is the contact number in your facebook page updated? I have recently applied for a globe plan and it looks like that the same number posted there has been reused. Please update, all inquiries regarding KJA Hotel are being sent to me. Thanks.