Saturday, August 26, 2017

JPY Juan: Japanese- Filipino Fusion Cuisine

JPY Juan 
Japanese- Filipino Fusion Cuisine

We love Japanese food, as well as Filipino 
dishes so we were excited to try JPY Juan, 


... located at the al fresco section of Robinsons Mall Naga, 
as it offers something unique; Japinoy fusion cuisine. 


JPY Juan had a Japanese inspired interiors
that reflects the country’s culture of minimalism



…interspersed with local themed artworks.


Considered as the king of all Ramen, we ordered
the Miso Ramen. It looked suspiciously like the
local Loglog, a Kinalas variety as itwas topped
with a gel- like brownish gravy, served with whole
boiled egg  and  garnished with fresh spring onions.


The soup had a delightful taste of Miso, but the gravy
left a gross greasy feeling on the tongue. Luckily, it
did not have the repulsive ‘rotten, old meat aftertaste’
of  kinalas. This Japanese and Bikolano Fusion Miso
made the awful Kinalas palatable, but downgraded
the quality of the original clean tasting Miso Ramen.



Tinkering what  serves as the standard and the pinnacle
of all “Japanese” Ramen noodles is a dangerous thing
to do.This is a Loglog or Kinalas variety that I would eat,
 but a Miso Ramen that I would not rave and crave.


The Sinigang Ramen was work of a genius.
It is a delicious sinigang that had the exact
degree of sourness and would not make you
wrinkle your face in acerbic revulsion.

It was topped with fresh and crunchy local
vegetables, grilled tomatoes, a thin slab of
pork and spiced with fresh spring onions.
It was so good, and it’s worth coming back to
this restaurant just for this Pinoy Ramen alone.




The Tonkatsu tasted so Pinoy and so good.
It was perfectly fried, crispy on the outside,
tender and juicy on the inside. It was bathed
with what appears like a liver sauce or ‘sarsa’,
but it was more delightfully mild yet tastier,
and finally topped with tangy Japanese mayo.


The Cheese Hamburger Steak with Onion Mushroom Gravy 
It was very tasty, very Pinoy without any hint of Japanese fusion.
But who cares, it was a hit for my son and a perfect choice of family
dining in this restaurant with young kids, who may be overwhelmed
by the unconventional fusion of these two unrelated Asian dishes.


We concluded our dinner with the gloriously delicious 
Mango Mousse Panna Cotta with Sipced Caramel Sauce. 


It was a pleasant dining experience for my family.
I hope that JPY Juan would still include pure Pinoy
and Japanese dishes in their menu for those wanting
unadulterated original versions of all time favorites.


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