Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Que Pasa and Biggs Barlin:Dining with History

Que Pasa and Biggs Barlin 
Dining with History 

Que Pasa in Barlin is one of my
favorite restaurants in Naga City.

Not only it is beautiful,

…very photogenic and probably the
most instagrammable restaurant in Bicol,

…they also serve awesome BBQ dishes.


When Biggs Diner was built as its twin restaurant,
they unearthed  what appears to bean ancient tunnel.
It took time for them to open until they were given
clearance by the National Historical Commission.

People flocked to the twin restaurants when they
re- opened as the brick walled ancient structure
was made into an awesome on- site exhibit.


It was apparently an ancient tunnel,
while some says it’s a bomb shelter,


It could be also an archaic culvert,


…a well or even a grave.


Whatever it is, the ancient structure needs further exploration and
the National Historical Commission  has a lot of investigating to do.


Meanwhile, Naguenos can enjoy the delicious
dishes of Que Pasa and Biggs in one place,




…while dining side by side with history.

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