Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cake My Day’s Sweet Surrender

Cake My Day’s Sweet Surrender 

The kids would be having a potluck party for the culmination
of the nutrition month and we requested my son’s adviser that
the dessert is on us. We were happy when she agreed, as we
really wanted to treat my son’s classmates for being nice to him.


We asked Cake My Day to prepare a dessert booth,
with a Nutrition Month themed cake as a centerpiece.

The cake came as a grill where the go, grow
and glow food groups are aptly represented,


… with real looking charcoals,


…corn , chicken drumstick,
vegetable and meat barbecue,




…all artfully created from edible candy and
chocolate confections that the children loved.

Also included in the dessert bar are
the heavenly delicious Mango Mousse,


… gloriously sinful Chocolate Mousse,


....addicting Blueberry Mouse,


…moist and tasty bite size cakes,



…and of course, lots of huge soft baked cookies,


…and milk for cookie dunking.


We have already commissioned Cake My Day
for the children’s Nutrition Month themed cake
in the past a created some of the most awesome
educational cakes like the Food Pyramid Cake,

With the Healthy Griller Cake this year,

…the kids are excited what is in store for them from
Cake My Day on their Nutrition Month next year.

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