Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Tree Cake by Cakes by Riza

Christmas Tree Cake 
by Cakes by Riza

My son had been the official cake bearer in his class since 
kindergarten for their yearly potluck Christmas party, and 
they always reserve a table in their classroom specially for
the cake that would served as the centerpiece for the party. 

Cake My Day had been our trusted and reliable
partner in bringing Christmas joy to the kids,

…by creating fabulous, and delicious Christmas Cakes

… year after year.

But this year, the Cake My Day cake stylist was not available,
so I searched the net and stumbled upon Cakes by Riza,

who baked beautiful Christmas Tree Cake for us.

It was a lovely green cake,

…filled with delightful Christmas trimmings,

…that captured the wonderful tidings of the season.

The kids  were excited to eat it,

…took photos with the cake,

…sang We Wish You a Merry Christmas,

…blew the Santa Candles, during 
 the Cake cutting Ceremony.

The kids loved the cake. 

Cakes by Riza did not disappoint.

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