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Baba Social Dining at the Carmen: A Beautiful Restaurant To Watch For in Naga

Baba Social Dining at the Carmen 
A Beautiful Restaurant To Watch For in Naga  

When we learned that Baba, an in- house restaurant
at the posh new boutique hotel, the Carmen in Naga,


...had a soft opening, so we decided 
to dine there on a weekend. 

Baba, Social Dining is a well designed two level
restaurant with a contemporary Filipino motif.

The al fresco area in front that has yet to open,

…so was second level,

…but the first floor was already operational.

We later learned that they are only offering
all day breakfast as they are still developing
the menu to be offered for the all day dining.

They have a fairly priced Family Set Breakfast, 
and we decided to chose the Pinoy breakfast.

It comes with orange juice for 5 persons,

…and a choice of a cup of coffee or a chocolate,
and the latter turned out to be a rich, velvety smooth,
and one of the most delicious hot choco we ever had.

Included in the breakfast set is a huge bowl of Kinalas.
My family is not fond of this popular Nagueno fare, as
we find the distinctively obnoxious foul aftertaste from
the slowly simmered  pre- roasted pig’s head  repulsive.
We had it wrapped and gave it to our security guard
who swore to high heavens that it was very delicious.

We were made to choose between Abo and Neuluk
for the Dried Market Fish and we chose the latter.
The Neuluk as unlike other dried fish its flesh remains
moist, soft and tender after frying as it is naturally oily.
It went well with the rich and creamy hot cup of choco.

We chose garlic over hamonado for the Naga Longaniza.
It was a perfect choice as it was different from the typical
native breakfast sausages that appears like disgusting meat
candies coated with sordid and sickening caramelized sugar.

The Bistek Tagalog was very tasty and not salty.
It wasn’t discolored by a dark sauce like most local
versions that are bathing in ghastly looking soy sauce.

The Bicolano Eggplant was also very delicious.
It wasn’t salty not oily as I believe it was grilled.
It tasted so pure and natural and didn’t have any
trace of briny artificial flavorings or condiments.

The Scrambled Egg with Tomato and Onion, 
perfectly blended well with the bits and pieces
of onions and abundant fresh tomato chunks.
It was deliciously creamy and had a pleasantly
velvety  texture that gloriously melts in the mouth.

We had to order some more of Sinangag sa Bawang 
or garlic rice, as s bowl wasn’t just enough for all the
numerous delicious dishes that came with the set meal.

The Banana Saba Baduya was a wonderful dessert.
The banana fritter was made semi- ripe banana, so it
had a firm consistency and wasn’t sickeningly sweet .
It also had a delightful vanilla flavored aftertaste.

The food was good, the staff was attentive and
 the place was beautiful. We had a very pleasant 
experience  on our first outing at Baba restaurant.

We cannot wait until this restaurant is fully operational
and gets us extremely excited and guessing what Baba
had to offer for their all day dining menu in the future.

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