Saturday, December 3, 2016

Pizza Hut’s Christmas Menu: Pizza Hut Naga Christmas Series 1

Pizza Hut’s Christmas Menu 
Pizza Hut Naga Christmas Series 1

Christmas came early in Pizza Hut, they started offering Christmas goodies on first
week of November in their store in SM City Naga.

My family  again had a chance to dine
in one of our favorite pizza restaurant,

…and we were thankful that the Crab Salad Roll
was available. Being one of their bestsellers, it was
always out of stock and luck was on our side tonight.

It is made of crabsticks and cucumber, wrapped
in thin rice wafer and served with sesame soy
dressing. It was hale and very delicious as well.

We never fail to order Mango Shrimp Salad
whenever we dine at Pizza Hut. We love the
sweetish- briny, delightfully tangy blending of
crisp Romaine lettuce, bathed with a creamy,
refreshingly sweet mango dressing and topped
with garlic shrimp, mangoes and fresh tomatoes.

The Fish and Chips may have been carelessly plated,
but Pizza Hut is one of the restaurants in the city  that
does our all time family favorite dish perfectly. The fish
fillet was coated with herbed breading, fried to perfection,
served with a generous mound of American Fries,  with a
choice of zesty garlic and chunky tomato dips on the side.

The Cream of Mushroom Soup was
greasy, but otherwise very delicious

Pizza Hut’s  ‘pasta perfection’ tagline is not an exaggeration.
 It is one of the restaurants in Naga City that does pasta best.
The Spaghetti Carbonara was no exemption. It was made of
perfectly cooked al dente spaghetti,  sautéed in creamy white
sauce and spices with generous amount of ham and mushrooms.

Same thing is true with the Spaghetti
that could be ordered a’la carte,

…or together with fried chicken
in a kiddie- budget meal deal.

Pizza Hut’s Holiday Cheesy Bites, a Christmas pizza
offering was the main reason we dine in the restaurant. 

A cheese stuffed crust pizza,

…that comes with the flavors of Christmas like ham,
pineapples in a bed of thick and stringy mozzarella,

…with creamy white cheese trimmings,
topped with cherry for the holiday feel.

The Ultimate Hershey’s’ Chocolate Chip Cookie
was once again available this Christmas season,

…and Timothy, my little cookie- monster son was so excited
of this yummy, humongous, freshly- baked, warm gooey cookie.

It was so good that we ordered
two more cookies to take home.

Pizza Hut’s yummy Christmas treats came early on the
first week on November and that’s awesome, Filipinos, (known to celebrate the longest Christmas season in 
the world) would be able to enjoy these holiday goodies much longer. 

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