Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Jack’s Blue Plate Diner Pili: Return to the Original Blue Plate

Jack’s Blue Plate Diner Pili 
Return to the Original Blue Plate 

Somebody told us that there was a good seafood restaurant in
Del Rosario, but when we found out that it was an open- air
ramshackle by the busy highway without a decent parking area,
we decided to drive to Jack’s Blue Plate Diner in Pili instead.

Although we have dined several times in the past on
Blue Plate Magsaysay and Panganiban Drive in Naga,
it took us a while to dine on its original store in Pili,

…and it wass the very first Jack’s Blue Plate Diner that
my family fell in love and we were happy to be back.

We always order Fish and Chips in any restaurant
whenever this dish is available. It’s my family’s
favorite appetizer and nothing does fish and chips
better in Naga  than Jack’s Blue Plate Diner. This
one was no different- still the very best in Bicol.


In is interesting to note that it took an American chef
to create one of the best Sinigang na Baboy in the city.
It had the right degree of sourness that one could sip
and enjoy the delicious sinigang broth without having
to wrinkle your face or choke in acerbic repugnance.

The Garlic Chicken is tasty twist to our all time favorite
orange chicken dish. This version had a delightful garlicky
aftertaste aside the usual tangy, sweet and sour flavor.


We found out that Jack’s Blue Plate Veggie Lumpia
was delicious when we dined in the Naga- Panganiban
branch so we order one in their original store in Pili.
Just like the one in city, this one was just as delicious.


We also liked Wild Sea Shells Adobo which was served in a
hot plate. A variety of fresh sea shells and seafood was bathed
in a delicious spicy and sweetish cream sauce, not with a briny
soy sauce like other traditional adobos. It was very delicious.

Of course, dining in Jack’s Blue Plate Diner
is never complete without trying their  burgers
and pizza and we ordered the Jalapeno Burger

...and their mouth-watering perfectly baked
deliciously chewy Italian Pepperoni Pizza 


Dining in Jack’s Blue Plate Diner  is a pleasurable 
experience as it dishes out superb Pinoy dishes side
by side with well loved, all time American cuisine, 

 …that we only get to enjoy in some of our favorite
restaurants in the US like Denny’s, Tony Roma’s,
Panda Express, Sbarro’s, Nathan’s and IHOP

We have three branches of Jack’s Blue Plate Diner close to
home and we do not have  to travel halfway around the globe
to enjoy good old American dishes whenever we miss them.

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