Saturday, November 12, 2016

KFC’s Four Cheese Chizza: A Phony Pizza and a Culinary Dud

KFC’s Four Cheese Chizza 
A Phony Pizza and a Culinary Dud  

KFC had been tinkering the menu lately. and they
 recently came out with a Four Cheese Chizza.


I was able to try it and just like its old Chizza
predecessor, it  was a disappointment.

This new chizza version is also  a crust less pizza,
using KFC’s boneless original chicken as a base,

…topped with four kinds of cheeses, from Mozarella,
Cheddar, Romano and Parmesan, in a futile attempt to fuse 
Quattro Formaggio to a fried chicken, but miserably fails. 


The fusion turned the once delightfully briny fried chicken,
to a repulsively salty cheese topped chicken pretending to 
be a pizza and calls itself chizza, but turns out to be a phony,
that doesn’t taste and look like a pizza nor a chicken at all.

KFC had been offering fusion dishes of their iconic fried 
chicken in a ‘hit or miss’ basis, but everything, the old  
Chizza version included, were nothing but culinary duds.


What KFC in the Philippines should do is
to bring back their tasty rolls in their menu,

…so the Filipinos could once again, start enjoying the delicious
fried chicken eaten in one hand, with a creamy roll on the other
hand, and lick all the juicy remnants on the fingers afterwards.

That’s how their ‘finger licking goodness’ was meant to
be eaten, not with a ball of rice and silly spoon and fork.

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