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Denny’s Anaheim: Craving for All American Cuisine (Anaheim, Theme Park City Series 4)

Denny’s Anaheim 
Craving for All American Cuisine 
(Anaheim, Theme Park City Series 4)

While I was scouting for a budget hotel near Disneyland 
on, when I learned that Denny’s Anaheim is
located right next door to Del Sol Inn- I booked the hotel.

With Denny’s as a next door neighbor, I am assured
that my family would be  well fed with good old
American fares on our five- day stay in Del Sol Inn. 

Denny’s had the contemporary interiors,
typical of a classic all American diner look.

Our initial plan was to dine on Denny’s 
everyday during our whole stay in Anaheim
but with the numerous restaurants found
in the area, we were only able to try it thrice.

Except on very early mornings, Denny's was always jam- packed, 
and the queue for those who wanted to dine was kilometric.

We were able to dine three times in the restaurant,
the first of which at nearly midnight after arriving
from a tiring long haul flight from the Philippines.

My wife ordered Moons over my Hammy, a classic
ham scrambled egg sandwich with Swiss and American
cheeses on grilled sourdough served with  hash browns.

My young son had a Peanut Butter Cup Pancake 
made of chocolate chips and white chocolate chips
inside two buttermilk pancakes, topped with hot fudge 
and drizzled with peanut butter sauce.  It was served 
with two eggs and hash browns,  with bacon, a sausage.

My daughter had an All American Slam made of three
scrambled eggs with Cheddar cheese, two bacon strips, two
 sausage links,  and hash browns and and butter pancakes.

I asked the waitress what she would recommend
and she suggested Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger,
so I ordered one.The hand-pressed beef patty was topped
with crispy bacon, fresh avocado, melted Cheddar cheese
and was dressed with  mayo, lettuce,  tomato, red onions
and pickles and served with wavy-cut French fries.

We returned two days later before we visited Legoland,
and I had the very delicious Ultimate Skillet.  It had
grilled sausage, fresh spinach, fire-roasted bell peppers
and onions, mushrooms, grape tomatoes and seasoned
red-skinned potatoes served on a sizzling skillet, topped
with cheddar cheese and two eggs. It was so damn good.

My wife and son loved the Peanut Butter Cup Pancake 
so they orered it again but this time they decided to share it
as the servings were huge and good enough for two persons.


While my daughter had Cinnamon Pancake Breakfast 
It had cinnamon sauce and cream cheese icing drizzled
over two buttermilk pancakes. It was served with two
eggs  and hash browns, and a strip of bacon and sausage.

We again returned to the restaurant before
we left for Las Vegas, Nevada  the next day.

My daughter ordered a Lumber Jack Slam that
had two buttermilk pancakes, a slice of grilled
ham, two bacon strips, two sausage links and
two eggs, plus hash browns and choice of bread.

While I could not remember what I ordered, but
I had this very delicious sandwich that had egg
omelet, ham, fresh avocados with melted cheddar
cheese and served with hash brown as side dish.

My wife and son shared their breakfast
and they ordered,  you guessed it right- 
Peanut Butter Cup Pancake Breakfast,

 ...and another breakfast dish that I could not remeber
but they were swearing how delicious it was.

Denny’s Anaheim’s dishes comes in really huge servings
that could be shared by two to three people, but they are so
delicious that we really didn’t care much about the calories.

We are on vacation and the theme park overload in
Anaheim had us walking and puffing all day, burning the
extra calories that we gained from this delectable diner.

Denny’s is an all American original restaurant
and visiting the USA is never complete without
dining in this well loved iconic American diner.

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